1. hanging your plants up side down to dry stresses your plants and they will develop alot more ressin while there acctually drying!! i swear by it and with over 25 years experiance will not do it any other way, a dark brick shed is ideal and throw a lite sheet over your plants and get rid of the foil!! its the worst reflective material a grower could use!! if you can work something out with mirrors do it cos they work well. as for the foil white laminated timber like melamine or white paint is far more effective for reflection. i know your probebly thinking that how you do it works for ya and of cause it does' its weed!! its the easiest stuff to grow!! but you will be surprised how just a couple of changes will make a considerable difference in yeild and density due to better reflection and better smell and taist due to a better drying technique

  2. man looking at it wet is always great. but after 4 or 5 days you want to weep as it all shrinks. about 80 percent of wieght is lost in drying. then in curing you lose a tad bit more.

  3. lovley lookin lemon m8 ive jus put mine in to flower i vegged for 5 and half weeks toped ones and fimmed shes about a foot and a half but leaves r realy fat ive devo got indica pheno i bet it smelt lovely and lemony in your house keep up the gd work one love all the way from uk.

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