Berner Drops GEMS On The Marijuana Business, Khalifa Kush & RICO

Ever want to know more about the weed business? How about the origins of the “cookie” line of marijuana. Artist and entrepreneur Berner passes through Ebro …


  1. Its buds it will always be street dreams. I would rather smoke my dudes herb than go to a dispensary and buy cookies or a name brand. Its about the high not about the amount you have to intake unless its just swag.

  2. They didn't brand their weed bcuz they were a community dedicated to evolving the craft. They weren't money hungry. Berner didn't create these his growers did. He is a branding genius but ppl have been growing just as good bud if not better for way longer they just don't need the spotlight

  3. Crazy to think about how surprising it is to get a mmj card at 18 for people in other states. Seemed so normal to me, walked in with a broken wrist and walked away with my medical marijuana recommendation lol

  4. This dude puts many on and collaborates with many of the greats and still gets no air play, not that he needs it cause his hands are deep in the weed game. Now that all is legal (for the most part) he has a so many ventures, he can't loose. Always been a fan and love to see him win without all the industry vultures who have no talent suck the folks dry who do!

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