1. @medically fit

    Good shit, Giambroni.

    You were drifting a little bit, but we got the gist of it. Can also induce vertical growth, and other anomalies.




    How was your germination rate?
    How much GA3 to distilled water?

  2. Hey brother great info thanks….we have used GA3 to pop old beans and it works great as long as we did not go crazy. Not sure if you know we had to make a new channel due to trolls killing the old one on Christmas night. Lady Haenep and I Invite you over to rejoin us on our new channel, much love 420fam!

  3. Master Level grower or something has a channel and I do not approve at all cells hlg equipment for Canada tries to say that a alternative sell her by the name of Phantom designs makes a board LED board with Samsung chips and other chips mixed with it and he swears on his kids that they do not use Samsung chips that he only gets the Samsung boards from hlg and Phantom designs is lying but I've spoken to both dealers and they both state that they use the same chip but Phantom design uses a mixture of Samsung and another brand that dude is jealous and upset

  4. Lololololololol non man azamax sucks I had a bottle of it been using it for quite some time and it just was not worth the money Thursday product out now that is 100% concentrated neem oil and I believe it's in a powder or syrup form and you have to dilute it with water

  5. Have you found anything out about or heard anything about the Pacific strain called devil dog with chemdawg mixed into it and something called Panama Powerhouse it was given to me for review

  6. I'll push it to the side the way you grow is very good but it scares me because you use a lot of composting leaves and such and it scares me of bugs mites I have a big f**** Mite problem dude I never can get rid of them they always come in the soil what can I do to frag you ate them and keep them at Bay besides buying more mites Predator kind

  7. You think the Gibb….affects the cytokine and auxin relationship?..old seeds ..I like willow water..kelp…and SSTs ….for the oldies..just popped some that were 15 years old last year…did a shift of 25..now I have that old school…cat pee smell …lol
    Oh Canada 🇨🇦

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