1. Thanks so much for posting the info on paint storage etc. It was the only reference I could find that covered the topic. I'm painting a spoiler and hood scoop for a 79 TA, in other words small parts that won't require much time in basecoat -clear applications. That presented somewhat of an issue in terms of times between coats. Sounds like I'm good to pour back whatever basecoat I don't use, clean the gun, reload 30 minutes later until I've covered three coats. On the clear coat, that presents an issue, but I'm guessing leaving clearcoat in the gun for over 1/2 hour is not the thing to do, unless I have unlimited funds for guns and material. I'm open to ideas on how to get around cleaning the gun between each coat, but I'm guessing as it uses a hardener, there is no real workaround. Newbie in Lynnwood, WA.

  2. I have a bit of unused paint left over from a recent job on my car. I'd like to keep a bit in a small container to be applied to small scratches or chips. What do you recommend in terms of any needed mixing prior to keeping a bit in a sealed small jar?

  3. Hi Tony,
    Can you show us or let us know how to wetsand clear coat tape line that have been left behind after a paint job. I have a noticeable clear coat line inside the door pillar left behind my body shop guy. I want to get rid so it blends properly.

  4. if I'm using nason clear which is 3 parts clear to 1 part catalyst…and i want to add some reducer to thin it out so it flows better…do i add 10 percent to clear before I add catalyst? Thanks

  5. Hi toni how you doing. I have a jeep cj7 1986 and i restore my self now i need the paint all body, i like the flat paint the ligth brown used the army trucks. How many paint i need to buy for all jeep paint and primer. Thanks

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