Autoflower Update And Turning On The AutoPot System. #indoorgrowingcanada #cannanutrients #marshydro

I’m excited to be finally turning on the self-watering AutoPot system. Autoflowers are getting close to harvest. I Am A Legal ACMPR Licensed Medical Cannabis …


  1. I didn’t realize you were from Nova Scotia, I’m from Pictou County Nova Scotia , how did you go about being able to grow more plants, as you know we’re only aloud 4 but it’s not enough, I would like to have atleast 12

  2. Another great video man! Love the advice about airflow. Please keep us updated on the nutes and their PH stabilization ability. I'm thinking about investing in a 4 pot autopot system.

  3. Hello There Neighbor to the North! Quick question: How much room do Goldleaf and Gorilla Glue autoflowers need per plant? How many plants In a 4X4 with a Mars TS3000 or FC 4800?

  4. Bill can you please answer this question for me? Im foing a outdoor grow and the seed has been in soil for 2 days, will i beable to keep growing the weed and if so how long will i beable to grow my weed until i have to harvest it? I started on August 15. please respond

  5. Bill you're a legend, you inspired me to try LST on my first "true" grow even tho I feel I have no idea what to do now that I've bent the plant over. The side branch now looks just like the main top but I feel like it wants me to untie it LOL (Black Valium by Top Shelf Elite and High Priority by 710 genetics) have you ever had experience with these strains? Take care friend

  6. Awesome job Bill I admire the grows you have going on. I was curious what height do you hang your lights at? I have a dinky sf2000 and it's at 100% I have been playing around with the light height a bit and have it at about 20 inches from my top. Not sure if I should back it off? Would that help with the height of the girls? She is about 8 inches tall and is on day 23. I feel like she is short, but she does have some great bush growth.

  7. I noticed there are plugs that might be for adjusting the light on the bottom of the drivers of the mars hydro lights if you take them off. I'm wondering if you can pull those rubber plugs out and actually turn down the light. I didn't go any further, because I don't have a backup light if I screw something up.

  8. HI bill i am a bit of a newbie wen it comes to growing MJ. I love the idea of just using 1 nutrient as you have for some of your auto grow s e,g maxibloom . I have 2 BARNEY FARM TANGRINE DREEM AUTOS coming to the end which were grown from seed , i have used the CANNA range of nutrients all the way. and have had issues with nutrient burn from the start. i am at fault for this not canna. anyway i am going to give maxibloom a go on the next one thanks to your vid and was wondering how much do you using wen plants are small . i grow in coco and hand water. and flood um till i get plenty of run off. thanks for for the down to earth way you do your growing videos no bull shit. oh by the way G.H. owe you sum commission lol. all the best billy uk.

  9. ive had the res in both places,, made no difference, as you said, but space. Also a trick for servicing the valves is to add a cut off valve exactly like the ones that are included in the system….
    it shuts the water off before you remove the valve and make a mess…

  10. My plants got heat stress on them do I do anything with the leaves that got damaged on the plants or do I leave them alone and will they come out of it I raise my lights out I gave turn my fans on high and I gave them a lot more air circulation and I changed up my feeding schedule where they get more water is there anything else I can do to try and get them out of this situation thanks man

  11. Thanks a ton Bill for the detailed ids and explanations…im using a "water only" being as its my first attempt.any recommendations as far as nutrients?

    Also how does one join your patreon sight?tia

  12. after you dial this in, it would be cool to take 2 of those and put the air dome in the bottom on your next run. see if it increases yeild. im def following this one as i wanna get the 2 pot setup for my g13 and strawberry cough run

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