Australians are unaware only nine per cent of COVID deaths caused solely by virus: Jones

Sky News host Alan Jones says Australians are not being told the facts which clearly show people are dying with coronavirus, not from it. The Department of …


  1. Hundreds of thousands of people has been thrown out of a job, by the person who should be thrown out of the job as Premier of Victoria, due to his bungled Hotel Quarantine and poor Contact Tracing.

  2. So Alan, just to be clear , the other 90% of deaths have been caused by Covid19 and a secondary medical condition.
    That is a important distinction and confirms the true lack of consideration these so called victims with their underlying medical problems have shown by dying and distorting the percentages.
    If you ask me it's truly unaustralian behaviour.

  3. Actually Alan Jones does not look super healthy….
    He may not survive a covid infection.
    He looks like he has some illnesses…..anyone with infirmities may die from covid.
    Young fellas have little to fear from covid.
    The RICH whites fear the young aussies……

  4. Everything is covid these days.
    Got a cold? It's covid
    Smokers cough? It's covid
    Car not running right?it's covid
    No luck fishing?it's covid
    Pay not in the bank yet? It's covid..

  5. Why oh why are Sky viewers of such limited intellect… the only crime here is why you dropkicks merit a vote. Democracy sucks when a good fashioned meritocracy would exclude the majority of the knuckle dragging Sky viewership.

  6. The stupidity of the bureaucrats running this virus show has been revealed by this simple analogy: Your house has been infected by cockroaches, so instead of targeting the menace by getting in the expert pest controllers, in their infinite wisdom they decided to just burn the house down instead. There, problem fixed…

  7. At what point does anyone ask why any country would develop bio weapons? And if we find out that this is what is is….what will we do to the perpetrators of this evil ? Give you a hint… Nothing as usual. All that Political Meat….and no Potatoes.

  8. Let the fittest survive…..
    KILL THE OLD AND THE INFIRM….they are useless and a drag on society.
    Just joking……thanks to your good government..I just sold off my Scentre shares a few days ago and made a few thousand bucks.
    I had faith that Victoria or Australia will do the right thing.
    Luckily you guys here are NOT THE MAINSTREAM…..

  9. The document is available online from a government site.$File/covid_19_australia_epidemiology_report_24_fortnightly_reporting_period_ending_30_august_2020.pdf
    In the latest version (report 24) it shows 2 very interesting things
    “COVID-19 associated death” is defined for surveillance purposes as a death in a probable or confirmed COVID-19 case, unless there is a clear alternative cause of death that cannot
    be related to COVID-19 (e.g. trauma). The key word here is Probable. Not definitely confirmed but only probable. And unless there is a clear alternative cause of death that cannot be related to Covid 19 … so in other words if a person might have Covid 19 and dies they will be classed as a covid death even if they died of cancer or a heart attack because it might have been Covid.
    Also in the same report there have been only 8 deaths NATIONALLY where the person had no known comorbidities This is up to 1st September this year.
    I have to ask why they are not telling us the whole truth.

  10. Even to assume that 10% of "COVID" deaths are in perfectly health people is false. Almost all those 10% were over 70 and many would have had undiagnosed conditions. I say this from experience as a doctor in Australia.

  11. scamdemic 101 – some elderly person with severe heart disease dies – record a COVID death! we need more numbers to scare the people into submission

    governments of Australia, you guys are FKD next election

  12. Australian governments and their institutions are inhabited by insane idiots. Using fake ''surveys'' the ABC is claiming the vast majority of Australians are in favour of compulsory mask wearing. If that was the real case then you would see at your local mall at least half the people wearing face nappies (including the morons at Bunnings) instead of around 10% of the people.

  13. Idiot people don’t die of Covid-19. Covid-19 caused pneumonia which then caused Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and the person died. The COVID-19 is listed as the underlying disease which led too the death. So heart attack etc. On autopsy what do they find? Jones get a brain.

  14. Here in the states the Death Toll was revised to somewhere under 10,000 for total COVID-19 cases. Now each death is tragic in its own right. In the states we have around 39,000 motor vehicle deaths a year, the Flu is approximately 34,000 +/-, In 2018, there were 67,367 deaths caused by drug overdoses. In 2018 5, 218 people died at work. I don’t know the numbers for Oz, but it’s plain to see, people die. The Kung Fu Flu isn’t even close to Car accidents. What are we doing?

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