ASMR Foot Massage with CBD Oil | Relaxing and Pampering Feet Techniques with Jen Hilman

Welcome, friends! I’m Jen Hilman and thank you for joining me in my FIRST ASMR Foot Massage video — featuring my favorite CBD Oil from Desert Stone Tools.


  1. Love this massage. However, I prefer a normal calmly voice (as yours anyway is). And if ASMR then please without adverts popping up, which might damage your ears because then these are tremendously loud in comparison to your video volume (which needs to be turned on high in order to understand what is being spoken and the instructions). Appreciating it a lot paying attention to that. Thank you! Love

  2. those tattoos are such a turn off…. and looks like she got burned by a red hot horse shoe on her lower arm, that looks nasty, better go have a doctor take a look at that!.

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