1. This is the one I remember most. I saw it when I was a kid. I remember thinking, that'll never be me. Well I'm in my 30s now and that's me and guess what? I dont give a fuck. I love weed and it has only made my life better.

  2. 90% of people who are agreeing in these comments haven't even been around people who smoke weed. Please continue listening to your priest talk about how weed is bad while he goes and gets turnt with your family members under the age of 10

  3. This is similar to the "nothing happens" commercial that ran in the '80s. It was hilarious! A guy of around 35 is saying that to the camera. He is obviously still living at home, and his parents are screaming in the background, "When are you gonna get a job?"

    While it's true that stoners can now do everything others can do, this was not always so. I know I couldn't get it together in the more technical classes I had in college. and most of my friends back in the day were dropping out…

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