Andy Moorman: Suzanne Morphew's $500,000+, last phone ping, divorce? Barry Morphew Pueblo condo move

Andy Moorman: #SuzanneMorphew’s $500000, last phone ping, divorce? #BarryMorphew #Pueblo condo move Suzanne Morphew’s $500000, last phone ping …


  1. Sounds VERY odd …. any man who wants to really help in the search of his missing wife will do ANYTHING to find her . Take those tests to eliminate yourself buddy!!!! Money does awful things to people. A hotel room smelling like bleach makes me cringe. The search dogs NOT picking her scent up screams at me

  2. I heard on another channel ( another day in the car) that the area where the hotel is located smells like chlorine. Apparently its need a water treatment plant. So I don’t think the chlorine smell has anything to do with her disappearance. LA

  3. Hello plunder. I had the strangest thought about what may have happened while listening to your video. If Susannes cancer had returned and she had recovered. As was thought. Maybe she wasn’t fully recovered and I was thinking about a scenario that Barry grabbed her to take her to the hospital she may have collapsed somewhere even hit her head and then maybe she died accidentally and he was scared people would blame him. I dunno it was just a thought that came to my mind. I guess no one want to think that’s husband would kill his wife esp when they obviously been deeply in love ????i don’t know your email so I can’t email you ! God bless and thanks for your great videos
    I agree on your view too the whole thing is very weird and sad God bless

  4. barry hiding incase anyone spots him from that day she went missing and to stop ppl analyze body language. i never known anyone not want to scream off the roof tops to find your partner who missing . he has all the actions of a guilty man wanting to shy away from the public not pleading for public help to find his wife

  5. Too many rumors, personal opinions and grudges in this situation. There isn’t any evidence that Suzanne or their daughters were abused by BM, there’s no evidence of a mistress, there were rumors about inheritance disput between Suzanne and Andy’s son, BM said there was a cat sighting but LE didn’t confirm, heck LE hadn’t confirmed ANYTHING, is LE even involved hence not wanting to get involved with the search. Was Suzanne getting close to exposing something big? Was she researching or questioning something like Sex Trafficking? Because that is beginning to seem probable with all the stuff happening lately. Regardless it’s all odd but I’m still praying for Suzanne’s safe return

  6. Hopefully they search where the daughters were camping…I keep wondering if maybe it was originally a family trip that went wrong somehow and by has somehow gotten his girls to help him…it would explain alot…

  7. What I find strange is the Elk rack that Barry put so close to the house. Like he wanted to draw a mountain Lion close to the area and funny how there was a mountain lion seen by the police and others a day they was looking for Suszanne

  8. Suzanne is buried in concrete somewhere. Barry put her in a concrete mixer and poured her out on one of his jobs! That's what was running late at night that the neighbor heard! Bank on it…he's so confident they won't find her, that's why he posted $100,000 reward, he knew he would never have to pay the reward.

  9. Is LE no longer searching? I honestly don't know. We haven't heard much lately, but if they're not searching, that seems crazy to me. How long does LE keep searching with lots of manpower. I can't imagine them stopping until they find her.

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