A miracle treatment for children with autism? Pot might be

When Noa Shulman came home from school, her mother, Yael, sat her down to eat, then spoon-fed her mashed sweet potatoes — mixed with cannabis oil. Noa …


  1. Thanks to everyone who is taking their time to read this testimony on how my son was cured from Autism, he was diagnosed four years ago, and he is now 6, I have tried several treatments and medications on him, nothing is working out and I was so frustrated. I keep praying to God and finally God answered my prayers, someone from nowhere walk to me and told me he want to tell me about this doctor he has knew for years now from his own country, after everything I took the contact of the doctor and called and I explained my son condition to him, she asked for my home address and the next day I got a tracking number or a parcel sent to me through dhl from Doctor Solution, after four days I received the parcel, I opened and found a liquid herbal medicine and some herbal medicine grinned and I found a letter containing the instructions on how to use this medicine, I called him again and thanked him so much and he told me we should thank God for everything, the next morning I started giving my son the herbs medicines and after one week I was observing great improvement on my son and I continued until the herbs got  finished and everything last for just one month and a week, now my son is free from Autism, he can now talk clearly, behave normal and no seizures anymore. Help me thank Doc Solution for this and you can also connect with him on Whats App + 2 3 4 8 0 7 7 6 8 3 1 0 9

  2. I don't know why all the autistic people never accept that anything can cure or treat autism actually they don't want to treat themselves and disheartened others to accept the benefits of any kind of treatment options and cure. Sometimes it's necessary to treat autism when you're suffering from seizures and/or meltdowns and harming yourselves physically and mentally and/or creating troubles for the family
    With your behavior specially being a child.

  3. Why would I want to cure a state of mind? Autism is not a disability. Maybe in some that have physical and mental issues, but in general, it’s just thinking outside of the box. At the end of the day you can’t please everyone, and you certainly don’t think the same way as anyone else. Thinking outside of the box (rather than thinking collectively as a society hive mind) has been revolutionary for us. It’s what changes us. Nikola Tesla was autistic. Albert Einstein was autistic. Bill Gates is autistic.

    I don’t care about curing myself, but I still smoke weed.

  4. DO NOT use pot/marijuana to treat any healthy or unhealthy people. This is a very toxic and poison plant. That is why the government categorized as illegal plant for years. This is just corrupt and money greedy evil business man try to deceive people to use marijuana so that they can make money on them. SO WRONG.

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