#44 Dude Grows Show Growing Marijuana

Awesome Episode to help your grow your own marijuana! We have 3 different guests including Jair from Gavita lighting! We also answer your grower questions …


  1. Hey guys tell me.. I'm thinking of moving to Colorado. On the average of say good grade weed, how much can you get out of 6 plants? I'd want to have enough to keep me in weed year round without having to buy at the dispensary. if possible. Is there at strategy for getting the most out of 6 plants?

  2. takes a second to find DAKINE in hawaii but its there, i found humbolt herb before finding the good island grown sativas… in Kauai they cant grow indicas cuz they rot from the inside out ….. Too much aqua… but i found Kauai Electric that and a sunset picking shells to get more herb for the next days shell picking…great shit mon!!

  3. Since the aeration is critical, as I've asked Scotty before, would mounting a constant drain system with an aeration sprayer system work just as well or possibly better with the Octopot? Also a Polak from Michigan 🙂

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