4 Fundamental Tips For Growing Cannabis Outdoors – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

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  1. Sup Tray. I agree 100% on all your tips, especially security and harvest timing. I'm on the 43rd parallel and with weather turning in a blink of an eye, it seems the 1st, maybe max. 2nd week of oct. Is pretty much the end of the grow season and safe to harvest. I don't think it's worth the stress of how much more yield you'd get letting it go another few weeks if the weather let's you. By that time, all the leaves have turned yellow or have shedded on the property, and then, there stands these beautiful, big green, lush plants that stick out like a sore thumb. Another tip that is so very important with the timing part that many cut short is leeching. Minimum of a 2 week period, no less. Very important for the final product. ✌️

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