3 Best Cannabis Stocks and Why Invest NOW

Two reasons cannabis stocks could be about to surge and why now is the best time to invest in weed stocks. Check out the stock simulator and Get 2 FREE …


  1. Maybe this is different in the US but in NZ the cannibas industry has a bad habit of issuing more shares whenever they want more money, diluting shareholders to the point of making the investment worthless

  2. Great job Joe. All of these "recommended" stocks are getting crushed ! Question is: When will the bleeding stop? I think as the general market is going to take a big fall, these canabiss stocks will take an even bigger beating. Glad Im not in this junk right now.

  3. Thanks so much for covering this topic!! been watching MJ POTX THCX YOLO for months. p/e ratios have been negative forever. they're losing money so I'm still hesitant to get in. the tax revenue needs will hopefully lead to changes 🙂

  4. I almost Fainted 😿😿😿when i lost my capital. Basically i usually go into any business without been guided. But all thanks to my mentor and role models who has open me up to endless opportunities .

  5. I presume local growers will soon be allowed in the next few years. Something comparable to craft breweries. For someone who is or is going to be invested What is a long-term outlook for some of these pot stocks

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  7. Hi JOSEPH
    Thanks for the video, but it is totally outdated !!👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
    Charts are wrong in price value to current date ( we are in September 2020 and NOT in may or june)
    Your thesis has NO support 🥴

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