1. I got a hermie in my setup and i was plucking off the banana's/sacs for about a week or so before i noticed I missed two and they opened up in my growspace. I have 4 other females in the room (5 total) and this one had a single hermied node.. so I'm wondering:
    1. How badly will my overall yield of 5 plants be affected by being pollinated by a hermied sac or two?
    2. Will the seeds that come from the other plants also be feminized, or is that with ONLY itself?

    It's a pretty rare seed and I dont mind getting a bunch of them, but I have also never bred any of my plants, so I'm not sure what to expect… If it has seeds like the bud I got it from, I honestly wont have a single problem with that. would you say I'd have like 20, 30, 50 % reduced yield?? just guessing?

  2. My 7 week old plant looked mostly female in veg but now it's starting to form buds the first week of flower?? Super new to growing but it had sacks before I could see hairs and I ripped all the sacks off today because I read that the female parts will grow more that way. Will this plant produce 95% feminized seeds do you think?

  3. Iv got a clone thats only 45days old. Its alittle over a foot tall and its covered in white hair. And im on 16h light and 8 dark. It had , 2 little sacks where the stem brakes off from the main stem. Each branch has two, one on each side, but it has 2 or 3 hairs that are white coming out of the sacks. Are they something i should be worried about? Or are they flowers? Im new at this and its my first time with clones. Also should i drop it to 12h 12h and make ot bud or am i safe to keep it on 16h light. Just not sure how far i can push the planet in flowering,

  4. I just found male sacs on my 4 day of flower. I’ve never had a hermie before either. I think it was the one night under its cover got way too hot and the plant was sweating 😥 I’m not an expert but have had quite a few successful micro grows. I’m gonna pick em off as I see em and spray with water to try to keep pollen back. I’m so disappointed 😔

  5. Can't you just knock the male parts off? I have only one funny looking thing that looks like if could be a new leaf… but it's taking forever… I think it might be a single male pollen sac and when I find out for sure… I was thinking of pinching it off.

  6. Thanks man good info on the plants and what to look for. We had one or two of our plants go to seed this year but this is only my second year so just doing my homework thanks for the tip.

  7. Yeahhhhhhhhh alriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight nice very nice plants looking amazing great setup everything looking beautiful loving the video I just subscribe like and hit the bell check me out also and do the same I would really appreciate it cheers and growers luv

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