1 POUND CANNABIS PLANT….HHT (D .W . C) part 7 transition into flower & Scrog

what up tube….behind on my vids and comments to answer..i have been busier than a cat with to assholes….lol….im catching up on everything…..this is a vid on …


  1. would it be possible to control res temps by maki ng an intercooler type device after your air pump so the air your pumping into the res is at a tempreture you want. say fort instance use a computer radiator as a intercooler run theair through it and cool or warm the radiator as necessary

  2. Why is this vid over half an hour long?? i kept waiting for some fuckn thing to happen!
    nope…. nuttin…. round and round and fuckn round the same plant…..
    Was great for around 20 to 30 SECONDS….
    Never again …….

  3. Hi, would you give me information on cbd's. Your personal views are much appreciated. If you would like, i would b able to give you an email or skype address. Peace be with you

  4. I have been watching your bid religiously and I have everything that I will need. I'm not located by any hydro stores so it mostly been online. My problem is I cannot find that a 10+ gallon dro bucket. I seen you rig up a big bucket, yet I don't know how you got the part where you pump in/out your solution. Please help me with this

  5. could take a cardboard box, and port the tubing into it.  Then replace one side of the box with the filter.  More surface area = more airflow.  Plus it'll last longer before it clogs.  Also hope those lids are sealed well, because you should NEVER use treated wood where it may come into contact with nutes.

  6. Deff lolly pop her early in scrog and make sure you have good air flow underneath..you'll get a hotspot under the canopy where moist air will stay stagnet and cause mold issues in your hydroton also make sure any trim doesnt fall into the hydroton itll reak havoc on your root system…but keep your lower half super clean itll promote better more vigorous growth in your top shoots…

    If you run into root rot or dreaded brown slime algea (which isnt caused by enviromental fators meaning temps water ph are all perfect and you still get it) buy a bottle of roots execulator from house and garden it gets a bad wrap cuz its hella expensive bout 75$ for 250ml bottle but is worth every penny saved my grow more than once itll make that plant fill that rez with roots 100% and ull pull double in hydro your roots are more important than anything else

  7. good shit man the best set up is dwc its allways yeilded me a pound+ per plant depending on strain of course.love the vids man so simple and easy for new guys to watch you say all the wright stuff no crapp like lots of dicks on here who dont know shit from clay.ive been doing this for 15yrs now and still like 2 watch agood grower at work.cheers world peace ozi dabbz 420.(;).

  8. Personal tip, but I also do single plant big grows and lollipopping in vegg will actually speed up vegg time on a big plant like that and also helps you shape the canopy ALOT easier. Just a tip. Looks great.

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