1. I really enjoyed this recipe. I think you should put some of your focus on the easier recipes. I've noticed a trend towards easy stuff, especially with new vegans. I think you are knoen for time-intensive masterpieces 🙂

  2. I love how well you season your food with a variety of herbs and spices to a great level. I'm a fan of bold flavors and your style of cooking is what I love. I cannot stand food with little seasoning, like what I find most European foods to have.

  3. hey gaz! as a L-O-V-E-R of extremely crazy spicyness (got sauces made of the top #1/2/3 chilis and eat them raw), i wanna give u and ur viewers a major hint: use oil to wash your hands, if u didn't have gloves! =) the fat in the oil will pick up all the capsaicin, whilst simply using water will make the capsaicin slip into ur skin. i usually use my sunflower oil twice before i go to water & soap.

    besides of that, for spicing things really up, those crazy sauces are alot better; fresh chili is most often only for the fresh taste.
    sidefact for those that wanna lose weight: start eating crazy spicy! capsaicin increases your metabolism, so that u sweat out the fat over night whilst sleeping (if u don't sweat so much that u can't sleep anymore because ur bed is totally wet xD)

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