1. Hey there! I am an ex cps worker/cps investigator. There are videos on my channel educating people on how to handle. Please reach out to me if you have questions or need any info on how to deal with them. I’m more than willing to help. ♥️

  2. This reminds me of the Kids for Cash scandal in Philly, where judges were sending kids to juvenile homes over little to nothing. They ruined thousands of lives. Imagine having your child taken because she/he didn't do their homework or talked back to a teacher, and you got a good lawyer, but the judge ignores the law because he's getting paid. Then to one day get your child back and she/he is mentally and emotionally impaired due to violence and sexual abuse within the system. They all need to be hog tied and lit on fire in every town square, for all to see them barbecued with their crooked and evil selves. This documentary hurt my heart.

  3. https://www.change.org/p/everyone-on-the-face-of-the-planet-save-sophie
    Sophie is being molested by her vile stepdad while her mom watches, her grandma gaslights her and refuses to believe her desperate pleas. The only person helping is her father, but he is being threatened with jail time if he stops Sophie from going to her evil mother’s house where she is being sexually abused. CPS is siding with the mother… Sophie has been crying out for help and everyone close to her (besides her father) is ignoring her pleas and allowing her to be further abused. Please help by using your platform to advocate for Sophie.

  4. This is disgusting and disturbing to say the least! I’ve seen actually what this is saying ! We need to all to get her and get change before to many children are lost ! It’s been occurring since the the 60s and the amount of family and children with out a voice and help! We are all guilty of this system because we are not coming together and this bizarre Government of ours doesn’t care about the poor or homeless or addiction! So very sad!

  5. Jay again God bless you ! Thank you ! You have no clue how much I needed to hear this tonight. My 1 st night back home. I was just so hurt , knowing I was sold out. Literally sold right out. That’s y I cut my cards n changed my email. My trust is out the window

  6. I as you might ,know I uncovered ,a foster care fraud ring. A shady lawyer & kids getting paid ,to tell lies & ask to go , to the lawyers ,friends foster home. The kids run back to their real homes. The foster home ,continues to collect, the money as long ,as the kid stays awol. I emailed you but , I’m no where near ,as tech savvy as my kids are. Most my emails never went anywhere . GPS was able to prove my kid lied. I offered to pay a real lawyer , to get her home. She refused! I could not fire her lawyer, only my child could do that. I thought my daughter did it , over a boy , I would not allow her to date. Something happened, that made me dig & look & it was all very clear. These kids keep going back to the home fighting or coming back with money. So it became very apparent, why they keep going back to collect or fight & then collect more

  7. In my state a crooked pcs worker wrongfully took woman's child. And was doing this to many families . no matter what they did prove there innocent she made sure didn't get kids back . well 1 mom finally snapped and went to pcs workers home and MURDERED her. We also had 2 year old little girl that mom broke both babies legs and CPS gave her back . the mom's family called many times begging get that child removed to no avail. And so did bio dad . well that baby was murdered by mom's BF ! While awaiting trial the bio mom hid out with the bf and got pregnant!that baby lives with the killers family . her family petitioned try get baby again deaf ears . it was my friends. Step grandchild . I saw the anguish . they had protest in front CPS building. Pcs has yet be formerly charged for placing her back in that home knowing her RISK. Rip Desiree

  8. I couldn’t stop myself from crying throughout this entire documentary. I’m still crying My heart hurts for our innocent babies. I don’t want to lose hope in justice for our babies but it hurts so bad knowing I can’t stop this and save all of them. It’s the people in power allowing this chaos and it hurts.

  9. I mean money will make you do the most this evil organization out here stealing away peoples children and making them pay to get them back if they even get them back, that’s too traumatizing too put young kids through no wonder the world is so messed up it’s the systems they have in place to already destroy you wow

  10. They need some kind checklist that parents need to complete to get their children back. But it sounds like they just go in circles. Why are some parents not able to get their children back while some who should not, do.

  11. It looks like most of the parents in this did something to reasonably have their children temporarily taken from the home. Like gone to jail for domestic abuse, phycosis, drug use, these are things children have died when this is in the household. I don't think the main problem is taking them from such places, it's refusing to place them with reasonable family, refusing to place them back with parents once things are sorted out, and placing them in horrible, blood curdling situations with no oversight. these foster homes are hellish.

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