✶CRAZY LOUD CRACKS✶ When Hairstylist Gets That ✶SWEET RELIEF✶

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  1. Okay I HAVE to say something. My former chiro didn’t do the Y-strap, yet he did manually (with his hands) do a decompression pull on my head and what I can share is that there parts of your spine, atlas and occiput that move and release that is so deep – that truly is indescribable. Lastly, you can FEEL your brain getting more blood and nutrients and your eyesight becomes a bit clearer.

    If you have the means seek out a chiropractor and try it. Trust me.

  2. wears skin-tight pants, wraps a sweatshirt around her waist to avoid people from having a look at her ass. wearing casual pants was not possible, i guess. this thing around the waist is literally making it harder for hin to feel your body 😂 well done

  3. I got hit by a car 3years ago and my bad has so much pain I wish I could get my back cracked. I wish I could go. I'm constantly cracking my back when putting my fist back and leaning on it. Or twisting it to get some relief.

  4. So many other chiros hate on him and the Y strap. I've watched alot of other chiros use the Y strap. None even come close to this guy. He is the Y strap king.

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