"Why I Quit Smoking Weed" Marijuana And Bodybuilding (Big Brandon Killer Carter)

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  1. It’s hard for me. smoking while I work out is not ideal for me especially my eating habits. The last i think about when i got the munchies is fried rice and chicken with broccoli.

  2. Ow yeah me 2, but i was smoke 24/7 and don't eat well, im not hitting my macros, and i was a skinny dude 59 kilos, and i become to lazy do do any shit! Till I'm quit that weed… In a half year from 59 kilos to 80 kilos, and working my ase off… Weed is bad for me i fuck my relationship up, with to daughters, i have destroy everything……… Because i was high 😂👊🏻

  3. Smoked a bowl and went to lift. Did one set of curls and forgot I did it. So I did another set. Then 5 more sets because I kept forgetting every 10 minutes that I did a set. Needless to say, I couldn’t lift up my arm by the end of the workout 😂

  4. I killed a summer worth of progress. I just started keto diet last Monday. I was 222lbs last monday got to 212.3 that Thursday of the same week. I smoked somw loud just knockout weed blew pass the high. In not even a weeks time I was back up to 228lbs yesterday on a tuesday. Basically a weekend of me smoking

  5. Not really sure if marijuana can actually "make" you want anything. It just accentuates whats already inside of you. you mean to tell me you never wanted chips and ice cream before you started taking cannabis?

  6. The problem with weed and weight gain is the fact it increases your heart rate. I smoke everyday including before gym and I will see my heart rate hit 160 just by steady walking on the treadmill. I’m considering stopping because I cannot gain any muscle or weight in general because my body burns it off so fast from my heart race increasing. And I can’t eat enough food (lmao crazy right where’s the munchies) to be able to outweigh the constant fat burn.

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