Why does marijuana give people the munchies? – Science on the Web #99

Whether you’re a wake-in-bake aficionado or merely enjoy a good stoner comedy, you’ve probably come across the undeniable link between cannabis …


  1. So, this will be a really good test of a new concept I have cultivated called "crowd-authoring."
    Cognition and intelligence are ‘socially distributed’; instead of dwelling inside the single mind of an individual or a few marijuana advocates they are spread throughout the different minds of all people of earth. Book authorship by sole individuals and partners for profit is out-dated. If the goal of a good book is complete knowledge, we must develop mechanisms that systematically bring together these fragmented pieces of cognition and intelligence from all over the globe.

    Drum roll please……..

    I started a book called The Cannabis Bible which I am open sourcing in a collaborative effort to bring all cannabis knowledge under one master book title, written by the people of earth. Please contribute!


  2. I made the worst decision while I had the munchies one time lol. I had insane cotton mouth and I decided to eat goldfish which is the dryest snack out there. I took a giant hand full and shoved it in my mouth and I chewed but the goldfish weren't getting wet so I just became a huge clump of cheese in my mouth and I tried to swallow and I started choking so I spit all the goldfish on my floor lol. I thought I was dying hahah

  3. I got really high one time I think I figured it out while high. Being high uses a lot of energy, a lot of blood is being rushed to your Brain. THC alters and enhances your 5 senses, and it makes you have the urge to experience as many things as possible that can stimulate your senses. Therefore it makes you hungry because you love how good it tastes because of your enhanced taste receptor neurons. Not only that but you need constant energy to keep the high going

  4. I don't know WTF is this marijuana Legal term people believe to use so much, but cannabis is not unlawful and it has no historical record of causing the death of any humans.

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