Why Aluminium and Copper Pot Can Not Be Used In Induction Stove In Tamil

Induction stove is growing cooking technology. Now a day we can find the induction stove in all of our house. But Some of vessels such as aluminium vessels, …


  1. I have to use induction cookware for my every day cooking. I'm new to induction stove cooking. Most of time vessels are burnt while cooking. That it spoils taste of the food. Especially silver vessel. No choice in induction. Had to use only silver vessel. Pls provide some hacks

  2. Nanba copper and aluminium difference sollunga..,resistance.,temperature.,
    cost idhu illama renduthukkum mukkiyama oru difference irukame..,adhu enna nanba
    Enga sir kettanga.,[aluminium seekirama valanjidum but copper valayadhu]

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