1. I totally disagree with this statement it is scientifically known that people who used marijuana substance start to suffer from paranoia attacks schizophrenia and suicidal thoughts and you are also storing that in your lungs as a pose to alcohol where you can control your desire for it im a alcohol 🍺 guy all the way never smoked cigarettes or marijuana a day in my life can't stop the smell of it 🤮

  2. The word “understudied“ used in this video is an understatement!…they’re equivalent in danger (that’s coming from someone who has “overstudied“ and is stating it as a giant understatement

  3. the number of marijuana deaths you were looking for has always been zero deaths per year according to the cdc.
    the teen use study you were referring to was debunked under peer review and said to be more related to correlation (socioeconomic etc) than causation (caused by marijuana).

  4. honestly i smoke weed maybe 3 to 4 times a week sometimes everyday. but my point is weed is a way to relax and take things off your mind and help you when you need help. but people do abuse it too much when they dont even need it. teens now adays treat like its something that will make you super trippy and make you see things, and dont really know the true purpose of smoking weed. thats why in my opinion i think its illegal in most states. and things like alcohol and tobacco, people ( teens mostly) know what its going to do to them and know that it could potentialy hurt them and dont use it as much.

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