WARNING!! CBD Got My Ebay Selling Account Restricted $$ 3rd eBay Suspension

WARNING!! CBD Got My Ebay Selling Account Restricted $$ 3rd eBay Suspension FREE Goodwill Outlet eBook: …


  1. I recently got suspended for trying to sell a CPAP nebulizer. I asked why there were over 375 similar items, many having been up for the whole 6 day duration. I was told they will catch them soon. Many are still ending as I write this for over $500. How can I get around it? Obviously the other sellers are getting around it.

  2. poshmark is great you should try it i sell most of my items in poshmark and i crosspost on ebay and the fact that there's is not to many men's selling on poshmark is an advantage for us
    you should try it i know you gonna like it they just take 20% and that's it buyer always pay for shipping.. i've being having a lot of success in poshmark

  3. CBD is a wonderful product CBD may have neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory for arthritis in older people and analgesic (pain-relieving) properties, and potential therapeutic value in the treatment of motivational disorders like depression, anxiety, the key is know how much is in ml and your weight 100 or 3000 my not be the right % of the dosage may be how much the whole bottle has in it , in a bottle but it my only have 10 to 15 in ever ml so the strength my not be what it said that it is well I hope this help you to sale it so you can help people so i hope this help you out keep up the good work

  4. I think CBD should absolutely be used, whenever possible, in lieu
    of the horribly overused prescription pain meds SO many folks are sadly are allowed to become majorly dependent on~
    Sad😢:( Hemp is simply an herb that definitely needs to be explored further, and it is interesting that eBay allows some products and yet not other items~Confusing😆 and sorry for the suspension and truly do appreciate the heads-up:)
    Firmly believe Big Pharm and the FDA are surely in cahoots with what is "Approved" and what is not…I actually have to laugh at those ridiculous med commercials cuz the side effects could kill you first, possibly before it even helps🤑!! Maddening it is to me actually and all about balance since, at times, modern medicine can be a really good and helpful thing, along with also using much of NATURE as reasonably healthy to one's body since everyone is different!!
    Have heard a lot of good on Poshmark, although seems to take more social media following, etc, along with the site "Grailed" which seems to do well for men's items:)

  5. Always pay attention to the red letters when the system rejects your listing. If you ignore them then you will get restricted everytime and CS won't help at all. If you get restricted so many times you can get a permanent ban. I list Pellet guns from time to time and they have certain requirements and guidelines. Just abide by the guidelines and you will be fine. If ebay won't allow you to list it then move it to another platform. You don't have to take a full blown loss people will buy anything trust me. I ounce sold a molded wet fake Gucci purse that I used to wipe down my dirty truck bed to a lady at a flea market for $10.00 lol I was not even trying to sell it she approached me.

  6. I could be wrong but I believe all hemp products are illegal in Nebraska. So I don’t think it’s 50 state legal. As fast as prescription drugs, cigarettes and alcohol go you can’t sell those on eBay either. So I don’t think they are being bias against hemp products

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