1. Maybe the Mexican pot farmers should have listened to Fox News fear mongering 5 years ago and invested in gold at $1950 an ounce, now it's at $1000 an ounce. Sadly, some of my right wing friends believed them and put their life savings into gold.

  2. to be honest, what kind of drug pusher would try to get somebody hooked on stuff like heroin if they could just goto the pharmacy and buy it legally once they're addicted. maybe legalising all drugs would reduce the amount of users, I think they should only be allowed to sell the hard drugs to people who claim to be addicted to the hard drugs so a dealer may only be able to get 1 or 2 sales on each person (which would reduce the economic incentive to sell them)

  3. The cartels will get crushed in that industry with legalization of the drugs, but what will they resort to doing after that to supplement all of their lost income? that's what I'm afraid of.

  4. i wouldnt be surprised if when hilliary gets elected (i hope she doesnt but with the system as it is she is a given) weed will probably be viewed as having no medical value

  5. We should legalize cocaine and heroin too. Keep them in controlled doses for medicinal purposes, and use lighter versions of them for recreational use. I don't see a problem with it.

  6. I'm shocked that the thing that everyone said would happen is happening. Gangs lose money the second you make something legal, the problem is you have to make all drugs legal to stop them entirely

  7. Ok I do not agree on his last words to legalize all drugs I don't think you meant that because the other drugs are very bad for you. I'm just making sure you mean that but are just saying that for cartels lol

  8. Well, Kyle, this is a flawed point. If the goal is to simply destroy the cartels because of the violence the cartels inflict, etc., then this point is a solid one, and legalizing all drugs would do this (though we'd just be putting the government, a much larger cartel, in charge). If the goal, though, is to crush the cartels because of the damage of the drugs they're selling, then you're just selling the same drugs legally. I do note that there's a chance that they'd be "cleaner" and "healthier" if regulated by the government than on the Black Market. But it probably wouldn't substantially affect drug use itself. This solution would be akin to saying "Well, if we just make murder legal, then lookie there–we'd have no more murder crimes." You make the exact opposite argument when it comes to banking regulations (the fact that we deregulate things that used to be crimes just makes them not crimes anymore, it doesn't make them stop occurring).

    Of course, our government doesn't look at things in either of these ways. We perpetuate the war on drugs because certain powerful interests (defense contractors, police, the NRA, alcohol and pharma companies) make money from it NOT working effectively.

  9. I'm totally for legalization; but I can also understand the counter argument such as the social cost of having dependent users who will basically become welfare recipients. A similar argument can be made with Alcohol, that has a great public health and policy cost, albeit this cost is never marketed due to the strong and powerful alcohol lobby. True, THC is a lot less toxic and problematic that alcohol, but an army of chronic stoners devoid of any ambition and motivation may be the price to pay.

  10. if the u.s. had never criminalized weed there would be no (or much less powerful) cartels today. any pothead could have told you that decades ago. maybe smoking weed actually makes you more intelligent. ya think? thanks for nothing DEA.

  11. The Prison Industrial Complex need the War on Drugs so they can have an endless supply of prisoners. They will never acknowledge that legalizing, decriminalizing, relaxing marijuana laws is hurting the cartels, they need the cartel boogie man that can only be solved by jails, convictions and police work. Its there bread and butter to meet their growing budgets. Wall Street will never give up on a growing Prison Industrial Complex because they know America will never again invest in the working class if they have anything to do with it, so Wall Street through its private prison industry can continue to cannibalize and profit off the idle class through incarceration.

  12. The could always grow cabbage in Mexico… why not? :)) Anyway, the cartels in the south are far beyond pot, it would put a dent in their profits, but no, they wouldn't collapse in any way or form…

  13. Enough with all these damn pot videos. Yes, you're a drug addict, we get it. Enough videos of you looking for an excuse to glamorize this shit. Talk about the damn news why don't you?

  14. The thing is that even tough the hard drugs are more dangerous, they will never be as big a market as marijuana has been for the cartels. Marijuana prohibition has been a huge gift to organized crime. A soft drug that has no overdose or major health risks, and is banned worldwide. Part of the backlash against Alcohol prohibition was the 'bathtub gin' phenomenon that was killing end users. The prohibition of Marijuana has not had a similar increase in risk to the end user, allowing organized crime to peddle a popular soft drug at black market prices for decades. The harder the enforcement, the better the price, and no risk of public backlash or dying customers. Harder drugs will never be able to reach the same level of market consumption that marijuana has. Hard drug use has remained stable at 1 to 3 percent of the population for as long as anyone has measured it. It has not changed significantly despite any external factors. 40 to 50 percent of the country smokes weed. It is the #1 revenue source for global organized crime. Add all the hard drugs, gambling, prostitution, etc. together and they do not hold a candle to the profitability of the marijuana market.

  15. You know what USA could do with legal marijuana? Compete with China in hemp cultivation.

    Think about it. The best of the MANY uses of hemp includes turning it into clothing, paper, cordage, food, soaps, and biofuel. AND it's very resilient against weeds! If Colorado made fucking BANK off of turning Bolder into a smokeout, imaging what the fuck Colorado would look like in, say, 2040, should it establish a hemp industry to make all products previously listed.

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