The Nepalese Honey That Makes People Hallucinate

Nepal’s Gurung people live mostly in small villages in the vast Annapurna mountain ranges. In this remote region, they practice an ancient tradition of honey …


  1. Nepal is such an amazingly beautiful and mystical one-of- a- kind place with so much ethnic diversity. Every ethnic group is made of the kindest and most genuine people. Love Nepal.

  2. when the young guy was dripping honey in the presenter's mouth.
    Elder from the background:" Don't give him much, or He gonna pass out." (in nepali)
    And Young guy backs off. That's Wild Honey.. 😀

  3. You realize that this is not the entirety of what makes this honey special… it’s the pollen of the 20 foot tall Purple nepal Landrace cannbis originating from near the kumaon. Read the EFFECT on this and tell me that concentrated and decarboxylated via high altitude Gamma irradiation and the concentration of this effect isn’t the culprit…
    The flower you’re showing is just a chemical catalyst to make the cannbis pollen decarboxylate into a hallucinogenic honey

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