THC Design – Cannabis Cultivation Facility Tour – The Contact Buzz

In a foreboding part of the Los Angeles warehouse district we search for the obscure address to one of THC design’s cannabis cultivation facilities. After a quick …


  1. Bullshit thc design you are in this for the money that’s why you paid to get a license to profit from this recreational garbage. Where were you during the medical years??

  2. Crazy they are walking around in that room with no gloves touching plants they got the camera guy walking around ….. I’m surprised considering they supply California’s legal dispensaries

  3. These clowns run a facility after growing 4-5 years? Who is doing the hiring at these places. These idiots never heard of ART-DNE/auto recycler timers? Or better yet, get a system you can run from a tablet or phone that can do the same and more.

  4. I’m growing some XJ-13 from this company that sent some seeded buds to my dispensary lol I cross bred it with a Pennywise by TGA Genetics too and created a new strain with a 1:1 thc/cbd ratio 🙌🏼

  5. What size containers are those? I thought he said use to use 3 gal. Looks like 3 gal in the tray. I wonder what size tray and number of plants he fits in it. What are they pulling per light?

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