Tangie Marijuana Monday

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  1. I just bought some Tangie today, not sure if I like the smell, it smells more like citrus fruits that are on the turn to me. I am 39 though, so big swings from the more of traditional smells comes to me as a bit of a shock which leaves me indecisive. Strains are changing so fast I can’t keep up, they are changing sometimes for the best and sometimes not. I do hope there is a decent seed bank storing the more traditional strains as it does worry me that we might end up completely changing the original characteristics of the plant.

  2. Oh damn….Urban legend – Tangie is actually THE CHRONIC under another name- I was watching Hip Hop evolution, a docu. and on there, Kurupt from the Dogg Pound was descrbing Dr. Dre's album 'The Chronic. He pointed out what the the chronic the actual weed was….California Orange Bud. Well, someone else in the 90s mated California Orange with a Skunk, thought that is smelled like a tangerine…and now we have Skunk Tangerine….Tangie.
    Look, I'm stitching shit together, but if Kurupt is right and I have no reason to disbelieve him- Tangie is THE CHRONIC….
    ….no WONDER this shit is so good.

  3. Tangie is fantastic…but that Clockwork Orange is a serious, SERIOUS competitor. I grew them both last year and damned if that Clockwork Orange wasn't tastier. In fact, Remo and the crew's observations that Tangie has a soft orange taste contrasts with my observation that the Clockwork had the softer taste. The Tangie tasted like orange juice whereas the Clockwork tasted like orange cream pie.
    …This is splitting hairs- the Tangie strain is the shit nevertheless.

  4. Remo grown tangie sounds like a must see def show us when u grow this one out yourself would love to see what the remo nutrients and spectrum king led will do

  5. I order from aurora Cannabis and their Sour tangie is the beat herb I have ever had the pleasure of smoking. It ACTUALLY tastes like fruit, first time experiencing such an amazing taste and i can't go back 😂

    My first grow is going very well, i got a 300w Full spectrum led and my two babies are LOVING IT compared to my 85 true watt cfl set up i previously used. It's all thanks to you REMO ❤️

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