1. I weigh 157Ibs and I'm 5'10. I use 1000mg because I quickly gain tolerance to literally everything plus I use it for pain not just anxiety. I love the blue razz. I definitely recommend this brand and company. Highly rated. Great reviews. Clean and tested with lab results. Best extraction process and great customer service.

  2. i love the way my Unicorn CBD taste. Vaping CBD is my new passion. I'm exploring more options, thanks for the review i'm going to give blue raspberry a try!

  3. I'd be careful of them. They do not let you post any review under 5 stars on their products. If you notice all their products are rated 5 stars which is not realistic for any product on the internet. There will always be someone who dislikes the product or was disappointed with the product. None of their labs results for the Blue Raspberry are recent, if you look at the one for Blue Raspberry it was from last year and that's more than a year ago. They also do not test for pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, mycotoxins, or microbials. Don't always believe the grass is greener on the otherside. The red flags there are already suspect.

    As for flavoring, you can't taste it because your vape pen is burning too hot at 1.4Ω MTL coil and 25 watts your pushing 5.9V. That's why you can't taste the flavor, even CBDFX's own recommendation requires that their CBD isolate vape juice be burned between 350F-400F. Their own kit uses only 11W of power reaching a maximum of 380F. Your vape pen is too powerful, I have tested CBDFX's Blue Raspberry on three different vape pens (including CBDFX's own vape kit) and the 22W vape pen I have makes the flavors from CBDFX's Blue Raspberry and Koi's Blue Raspberry muted. So far CBD vape isolates taste best in an 11W vape pen. Koi Zen's vape pen (AKA the Caliburn rebrand clone) tasted the best in flavor. 11W at 4V or less with a 1.4Ω MTL coil seems to be the best right now that I've found. The Caliburn pods use 1.4Ω kanthal coils, I'm unsure if the Koi Zen pod clones also use kanthal wires. I'd have to directly ask a vendor like Wellicy or something.

    If they don't have a recent lab report on their product I wouldn't trust them.

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