“Prince of Pot” Marc Emery​ on the future of marijuana legalization in Canada

Prince of Pot” Marc Emery​ on the future of marijuana legalization in Canada. Pot activist Marc Emery​ visits The Morning Show – Global​ to discuss if …


  1. Taxxxpayers feed farmers. welfare king farmers have grown tonnes since the 1700's are were free from prison. Taxxxxpayers lives have been destroyed for possession while freely handing over taxxx money for the welfare kings partying on the farm 24/7 driving the john deere's, mf's , new hollands and cases, and avoiding all taxxxes including new vehicle taxxxxes. Govt's continue to torture taxxxxpayer's with pain for a healthcare operating similiar to deathcare for taxxxxpayers.
    The culture in canada is like gas chamber death for taxxxpayers.
    The world stage is slowly seeing the north korean/canadian taxxxpayer slow death , and the lavish welfare king farmer lifestyle country club bliss.

  2. Could you imagine having a stay at the old crowbar hotel , they walk your celly in and it's MARK fuckin EMERY…..SHIT that would feel like you were in a way better movie than ' BLOW' (because it would be based on the plant of goodness)…. especially when it's lights out and Mark says ' So….what do you know about pot?'…. lol

  3. I'm so disappointed in the government and all the police enforcement I'm hearing with Ontarios plan. I never been in trouble with the law in my life besides minor tickets and now they will looking to bust stoned drivers and will just assumed I smoked because weed stinks and there's no way to pin point it because everyone has different levels of it in your blood because marijuana stays in your system for months. Any electronic test will not be accurate and I can so see being treated like a criminal ever worse now. Marijuana is so safe, there's nobody even dying from it period. So why am I being treated like a criminal? I work, I pay taxes, I buy expensive cigarettes, I don't hurt people or steal, I don't drink alcohol and I never had a DUI. Watch when these new laws come out. If we don't buy government weed I'm going to be a criminal, If I even smell like it I'm going to be a DUI now where most cops see your not impaired and let you off. Now they will be forced to arrest to make up for other money loses from legalization. I don't feel confident at all and I wish people who don't smoke look in the mirror, caffeine is a drug and you get jittery and you can still drive. Weed ya you look silly with a stupid smile but just like if you were jittery you could drive even though it's not recommend. I'm not a criminal, please stop making laws to punish people without even doing any testing. Where's the research? I was excited now I'm scared I though they would finally let the people be free of a plant with some many uses. Of course everyone wants money nobody cares about all the lives who will be persecuted. We are good people if you don't smoke, don't judge

  4. especially insulting considering that cannabis is a great medicine for children with epilepsy and autism and cerebral palsy, things like that. Maybe not in smoking form but in oils or edibles, sure.

  5. Marc for president,he would do such a good job compared to fuckin asshole trudeau the traitor…this guy is for the people i give him all my respect for standing up and showing how rediculous mtl mayor denis coderre is…

  6. The only side Marc Emery is on is Marc Emery's! He wants to get rich (which he got) and stay rich though mail order cannabis business (Budbuddy) and dispenseries. Now he and his wife have been BUSTED and charged with what every other DEALER gets charged with: Proceeds, Possession for Puropse, Trafficking… Do I feel sorry.. NAW! Fuck you Emery. Grow a pair! We get legalization! Who gives a shit what YOU get!

  7. It's funny at work where people openly show off about how drunk they were at the weekend falling over and being sick. It is so much worse than cannabis, I never get a hang over from pot and actually feel more of an afterglow the next day and feel chilled. I'd much rather have a street full of Amsterdam style coffee shops than a street full of bars and drunk people. I personally benefited greatly from cannabis. I used to regularly fall into depressions and it was hard to pull myself out for a few days. I fell into the routine of having a few beers in the evenings to unwind but it just made me feel more anxious if anything. Then I started smoking weed occasionally and it pulled me out of that mindset and I started studying for a degree to try and find a more creative and engaging career. So much for it making you lazy. Maybe it does if smoking is all you do all day, but anyone can abuse anything. I find when I smoke it is more of a relaxing meditation sort of state. The internal negative chatter turns off in my head and it helps me to destress and feel really at peace.

  8. Selling weed in liquor stores is just wrong how about people that don't drink or can't drink and smoke weed where they go to the liquor store maybe to get back on the drinking no wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

  9. One of the largest lobby groups that have kept it illegal for decades is the alcohol industry. They found long ago that when people had the choice between self medicating with alcohol or cannabis, they preferred cannabis 7 out of 10 times. Now that this is set to disrupt their alcohol sales, they want to be the retailers. The government wants their sin taxes so they have to shift it the right way and at this point nobody wants to pay taxes on growing a plant. I do not pay taxes to grow food on my property and sell it to a friend so why would cannabis be handled differently. If you do pay taxes to sell food to your neighbour, move, and do not look back.

  10. Emery has a big mouth, cheats his customers & is only here to make $. Any businessman can clearly see he is only on here to PROMOTE HIS business. I know this from having dealings with him. Don't trust him.
    He did 5 years in a USA prison for selling seeds to the under 18 crowd
    He's prematurely old. Baggy eyed old mutt & he's only 58. That speaks volumes

  11. its not about a safety issue its about patients getting ripped off in this mans dispensary! marc emery is a piece of shit. Its all about money! hes ripping ignorant patients off everyday. patients are legally allowed to grow thier own now and if you cant you can assign a caregiver that will truly care about you and not rip you off. there is absolutely no need for a dispensary that sells thier product at prohibition prices which is all ones involved with marc. The dispensary model is simply outdated and obsolete. besides the fact that this man is the biggest douche on the universe

  12. I have been broken into and robbed so many times I was forced to buy and license a gun and also buy an armoured vest a knife can't penetrate because I have also been stabbed while being robbed by guys and women later convicted of armed robbery, attempted murder and drug possession of Modified Marijuana, Crystal Meth and Crack. These are not ordinary pot smokers anymore and most use hardcore drugs besides modified marijuana nowadays. If you have ties to Organized Crime you ARE my enemy.

  13. Everyone here in Sechelt who is a hardcore Marijuana Smoker is unable to perform their duties if they have a Job. If they are unable to work because of the influence of drugs they should not be allowed to collect welfare after they are fired. Most welfare recipients in Sechelt are drug addicts and refuse to ask for treatment and as such should be denied service and stop wasting my tax dollars spending welfare money on drugs and then robbing things out of our cars, homes, businesses and/or robbing people on the street.

  14. I used to smoke pot but quit after the organised criminals growing it started tampering with it genetically producing too much THC and also adding illegal drugs to the plant's food intake. I can take you to greenhouses producing this crap right here on the Sunshine Coast of BC and not once have any of these operations been shut down because either the Hells Angels or the Jewish, Italian and Irish Mobsters pay cops, judges and politicians off.

  15. Most of this product being consumed is not Marijuana and is a Hybrid being fed illegal chemicals through the plant's tap roots (i.e., opium, crystal meth, cocaine, and many other man-made and natural illegal substances, etc.). Smoking 3 or 4 hybrid marijuana joints today is like taking a hit of LSD and the original unmodified marijuana plant does not affect you like today's marijuana hybrid does and should most definitely not be legalised. School Kids are being sold this tampered with marijuana variety every day in Canada to our kids and grandkids and I personally am sick and tired of the carnage done to our nation's children. I have seen kids and adults as well die under the influence of these illegal substance(s) and it is not funny.

  16. I dislike the Mark, but he's right for f'sakes 'boot 'em cronies & other things too… + I didn't realise/know/reserched 'boot the 30som' prisons he's been in for the cause of freedom for Cannabis & good people… Why he calls Cannabis, "marijuana" I have no f'n idea.

  17. Wow that was perfect! The only thing I'd add is the fact that people who don't use Cannabis have opinions based on misinformation. They are not well informed and therefore their opinions are not valid. Many of the people trying to regulate this industry are not well informed.

    We need decriminalization not legalization. People should have paid more attention when Trudeau said " I'm not in favor of decriminalizing Cannabis, I'm in favor of legalizing, taxing and regulating Cannabis." In other words, he still wants to lock people up for Cannabis related offenses while simultaneously profiting from a legalized and monopolized market.

    If we can bring the industry to the point where anyone can grow and sell their product in dispensary's and coffee shops, I'll be satisfied. Until that day comes there will remain a criminal element within the Cannabis community and that is sad.

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