PM MODI may legalize MARIJUANA in India | Smoking Weed Truth | SADHGURU

PM MODI may legalize MARIJUANA in India | Smoking Weed | SADHGURU Nalsar University of law.


  1. Dear Satguru but that goes with everything
    Anyone how have consumed this can go wrong against you, then why we just hate weed.
    There is no hatred in my mind or heart 🙏🏻

  2. If it wont legalised in India i wish to die by any resone.

    Lets see if Narendra Modi ji is something diffrent from past Gov who banned it…. Modiji millions are people have too much hope with you….. This mother earth will thank you alot. please dont make it late anymore.

    It is Base of Ayurveda surely it can make a diffrence in every situation like Covid-19, only if you know how to use it.

    Humble reply to Sadhguru ji .
    Have you ever tried it or just saying whatever comes in your mind…. Or is there something like Tobaco and Alchole industry is paying you to make people's thiking negative for Weed.

    you me and everyone is child of mother nature then why to hate a plant Sadhguru ji…
    If you want to hatw something then keep an eye on tobaco and Alchol. Will you let your deiver pilott or surgen drink alchol…. which is 108 times more Dangerous than weed…

    Keep in mind weed is a plant which dont ask you for money while alchol and tobaco products are branding they can do any adjustment in them to earn a littel more without having care of cousumer's health…. As ciggrate packet is printed with pics thats says " it cause cancer".

  3. Yeah! sadhguru wouldn't trust a lawyer or a surgeon who smokes weed and would talk at great length about how marijuana is not correct for us but I haven't seen any of his videos where he says the same thing about cigarettes or alcohol or even raising his trust concerns about the lawyers and doctors drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes and alcohol which has resulted in most of the untimely human deaths on the plant. Is he afraid of the big corporate that manufacture cigarettes and alcohol.

  4. ahh gurus will say produce your own DMT from inside penial gland etc etc. I understand that is the proper way.
    However, most people are constrained nowadays to follow a strict spiritual path to achieve all that. a kick starter from outside is needed in our current fast-paced life.
    please allow the legalization of weed, mushrooms, and DMT.
    We in India produce the best weed in the world from Idukki and malana, its considered the most exquisite variety of weed in the world. it can improve our waining GDP growth a lot.
    it can also help the farmers.
    it can earn a lot of foreign exchange and strengthen our balance of trade and rupee.
    hitler's Germany was the reason for most of our technological advancement, most of there scientists were experimenting on vrill or prana and were on DMT, it can absolutely bring innovative ideas to our minds and make leaps ahead of other countries.

  5. Umm..pretty bullshit, there is the whole canada smoking weed and not foong surgeries or driving. And still we see that they are far more advanced than us. Even talking bout india no matter if you legalise it or you don't people are still gonna get a high a doctor can still come high on his work and a driver can still drive being fking high and they can all do this without legalising marijuana, so you can't blame marijuana for thr casualties, its the human state of mind and their descision to do things. Btw a drunk doctor or a drunk driver can still kill you.

  6. Ligalise weed so that even the poor can become wealth n healthy help us I'm poor too… With weed the earth will look green no garbage house n no garbage conner people OK legalize weed n be kings n queen n pro n legend n legenderiess n……… Many other…. Like it coment me back

  7. Legalize (Cannabis|Marijuana) weed it have lot of medical use
    Marijuana is Ancient medicine used as pain killer & "Anesthesia".
    There are all Scientific research done by scientist's
    All claims the same – Cannabis is best to cure (Cancer) tumer cells in body.
    Legalize it for next generation
    Thousands are dying by the use of Tobacco.
    Marijuana is the gift of God.

  8. If yuh don't want to drive , with a stoned driver , or if yuh don't want a stoned surgeon, then go to hell..MAN .
    y yur judging it without Knowing of it's benefits,
    how many people are supporting it..AND It's uses.. jus know it first*

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