Pharmaceutical Cannabis Cultivation: Amazing Frost Production

It’s all about letting your work speak for itself. Wanna grow amazing marijuana? Hip Play and let’s ride out to the west and meet a cat name Nattie G…..


  1. Damn Homie you killed it bro I wish my garden looked half as good bro but it will eventually GROWERS LOVE HOMIE p.s I have an 8×8 she'd what size of light or lights will I need?

  2. Hola Naty G amigo broooo,watta frosty hell piscomutant babys ,we keep watching,,,keep showing love orange shelbert yummy juice,,wats the cross in cherryckeeks 707 magic beans i likemmmmm.king cake sister of shelbert gugu ,,,peace niga 42o from spain

  3. i viewed grandmasters technique as well. I've been leaf pickings every since. it really helps me with canopy height. everything is within 2 inches of 1 another. Unless im mistaken the rule is to remove the leaves from the tallest branch so all the others catch up. Its easier on the plant than topping or LST…. Thoughts?

  4. i think ya/she put a lot of energy in to that leaf., trimming leaf to early, definitely need some at start. but not all at? oO? start, they might be like that size compensating for the loss in solar power ..imo what you doing ..feel bad being honest with ma thinking. yea i am jealous lol <3 ..cheers xD

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