Pe154 Oncologist Dr. Abrams talks Cancer & Cannabis Science

Cannabis Cures Cancer” is sometimes thrown around loosely. Our guest, Dr. Donald Abrams, Integrative Oncologist at UC San Francisco, discusses what we …


  1. I respect Dr. Abrams expertise but I wish he was less cautious and more upbeat about the potential of Cannabis as neoplastic agent. I don't understand why he isn't, I shrank my terminal ovarian (HGSC, BRCA1/2-, P53+) cancer on Cannabis, just like the preclinical data suggested. This CAN work. Yes, its really really complicated, and it is different compounds that effect different cancer types, so its not a magic cure all. But the potential is HUGE! The Endocannabinoid system is a novel target for cancer! this is my story.

  2. I shrank my heavily treated recurrent ovarian cancer (HGSC BRCA1/2-, P53+) on only Cannabis. Yes it is very complicated. I read hundreds of peer reviewed oncology journals. The anti tumor effects depend on which pathways and mutations are driving the cancer. So its not a magic bullet, but I have no other options and it works for me. This is my story.


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