Outdoor Cannabis Grow Update 8/24/2020 – Early Bloom! Part I

A continuation of my 2020 Outdoor Cannabis Garden. Motivation for growers and a positive example of legal cannabis in Michigan is my goal. Please leave your …


  1. I have a lot of cleaning to do i have eight and they ugh i just started plucking the loer off and the big sucker leafs but they are beautiful and big butt this is sweet love growing weed

  2. what next now what are you getting yellowing leaves do you pull them what do you do what's what's next on the agenda so I'm using Jam organic Jam from my tree fertilized by my birds fertilized s*** into the soil back to the weed so I do one whole jar of jam equals three plants in the in a 5 gallon bucket mix it all up and CZ admitted it dissolves so easy you can do strawberry jam try that one by five strawberry jam one every week equals 5 weeks the Third the 6th 7th and 8th week you water only water but do this Jam once a week shakalaka . Use small one and then just two three plants and see what the three plants taste like in your mouth in the end when you're smoking it it is amazing it's amazing everything I use is organic no chemicals God bless you dude your garden looks great but my garden grows the way they grew back in the 70s and not as big as yours but my buds are tighter than yours your garden looks great thank you nice Garden Huey 707 out

  3. Yessir another beautiful batch Dalo. I wanted to do the big pots initially then I realized how good my soil was. I always enjoy watching your vids cause you flower maybe 2 weeks before me. So it's like looking into the future lol. I ordered a big ass roll of scrog to tie it all together but I dont have post money. Probably just have to wrap em and call it a day. Keep it growing buddy 👍✌

  4. Keep up the good work man. You have the best outdoor grow on youtube. I think they are bigger then the majority of mendo dopes plants. or easily just as big as big. I don't know of anyone on youtube that has a nicer outdoor garden. It's nice to know you don't have to live on the west coast to have a garden that big and healthy. I can't imagine how much hard work it is maintaining all of them throughout the season. I'm glad I found this channel and subbed.

  5. I'm really impressed. I didn't think Michigan's climate and grow season would be able to produce plants that massive . Thought that was only possible in like cali and oregon. There as big and nice as any outdoor garden I ever saw. Makes me excited to know that's possible here in Pennsylvania where I grow

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