1. Obama has said that he does not support marijuana legalization, and he has yet to push for such legislation in Congress. It is the libertarians who support marijuana legalization. Democrats and Republicans in federal office are against it.

  2. Obama doesn't lead progressive popular opinion, he follows it. When he came out in favor of marriage equality, I remember thinking, "Geez, what took him so long?" because he didn't bother until it was overwhelmingly obvious that that was what the majority wanted. It will be the same story with ending cannabis prohibition. Don't count on Obama to rock the boat; the people will beat him to it every time. He is a poor imitation of what a progressive leader should be.

  3. We are ALL sinners and deserve the punishment of hell but jesus took all of our sins on the cross, he lived a perfect sinless life and died on the cross for all of our sins. He said repent and turn away from all your sins and pray in repentance for the washing away of your sins by his holy blood. Pray the sinners prayer and become a born again christian cause without holiness no one will see the Lord Hebrews 12:14  Please pray in repentance to jesus and he WILL forgive you for all your sins and wash it away and go and sin no more! I love you all and may god bless you <3 and if you love jesus like this message and preach his word!!! much love and blessings

  4. I think most of america would beleive Obama smokes pot, he most likly does cocaine also, but then he is King Obama and can do as he wishes untill the people wake up.  Wake up people the media and most all in govt are brainwashing the majority of the people, they serve the devil, and will do anything to control your mind

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  6. Well he had to give you wishful thinking liberals SOMETHING, otherwise some would have mental breaks and see the truth, that he is just another corporate shill fucking over the american tax cattle. 

  7. No worries…it's fine to make laws based on bullshit.
    You can peddle all the lies you like, in the USA. That's US Freedom of Speech/Press.
    Bullshitting people is fine…it's freedom of speech/press…no accountability to objectivity and accuracy, in the USA…you can say a do whatever based on bullshit, and particularity if you can turn a profit or personal gain from bullshit…no worries…
    US secular democracy is a farce.

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