Nutrients for Growing Marijuana

Time to learn about triacontanol, plant growth regulators, benficial microbes, and tons more in this great interview with Scotty Real and a plant wizard Jacob from …


  1. I'm really tired of other nutrient companies putting down advanced nutrients and then immediately promote the same exact formulations but with their brand name on it dyna-gro for instance they mention recommends 12 different bottles when actually in their beds they use less nutrients and dyna-gro feeding chart state

  2. This is a amazing interview. I had to listen twice just to absorb 1/2 of the information. Jacob is one intelligent person. I use there jumpstart instead of canna boost, mendo avalanche instead of gravity, bio-cozyme instead of H&G bud xl and hygrozyme. All of these additives work as good or better. Growmore also has a great one part base called seagrow that I use. They have a terrible website but good products. 

  3. Dave from dyna-gro did not recommend using foliage Pro for bloom he said you can use it from seed to harvest but he did not recommend it they have a liquid bloom product that would be more adequate for the blooming stage thats how I took it anyway

  4. I apply fungi to water when soaking root cubes before transferring rooted clones from neoprene insert to coco cubes. Then I add fungi directly in the hole of cube. Then add to DWC veg buckets. So week 1 veg has fungi and base food. Week 2 veg to harvest I use beneficial bacteria no fungi. During bloom I use enzymes and beneficial bacteria together for all bloom weeks. In your opinion is this a good practice in reference to the discussion on when to use fungi and when to use beneficial bacteria?

  5. wow, yeah, i like the idea of the amino's and learning more about fungus and bacteria's was awesome, is there a way to try out some of this guys products, somebody that technical can be very trustworthy 🙂

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