1. @universalsheep haha i heard something like that. Drunk drivers will run right through a stop sign, while a stoned driver will wait for the sign to turn green

  2. It should've NEVER been made illegal in the first place, where do we see in history of people being arrested for this plant or any other BEFORE 1937 when the FEDs made it illegal. No man or woman was prohibited from putting into their body what they wanted before the 1900's, the prison industries make big money, its simple, drug legalization would end a lot of gang activity, murders, robberies,violence,theft,ect. the govt. knows this, we desperately need a 2nd American Revolution.

  3. I agree with PokeSAV16. Let the government cage human beings who eat junk food, because that's bad for them too. And nevermind the fact that, according to Ron Siegel, humans have a universal drive to seek mind altering substances.

    So let's have the black market produce and distribute these substances so that there may be more black market violence and government corruption because for gosh sakes drugs are bad, mmkay.

    (There may have been just a hint of sarcasm in this post)

  4. AMENDMENT 9 to THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

    I challenge anyone to justify caging a human being for smoking a plant.

  5. What would these issues be by chance? The underground drug trade is what makes marijuana dangerous in the first place. With unchecked sales, manufacturers can produce a product with unnecessary chemicals and excess levels of THC. If legalized, the underground trade would become obsolete, prices would drastically drop, and the entire practice would become publicized; there would be a legal age of consumption and kids have only a very small black market to turn to.

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