Meet the Martha Stewart of Marijuana Cheryl Shuman Cured Herself of Cancer

Cheryl Shuman talks about how marijuana saved her life. She was being treated with 27 pharmaceutical drugs and a morphine pump. She described herself as …


  1. I believe her story and I certainly hope that marijuana cures cancer but why am I having a hard time believing that the medical community never thought to try treating cancer using the oldest medicine in history? I would imagine that was one of the FIRST things they tried, and have tried dozens of times since then in decades past. Is that not correct? How could they ever ever explain that one away?

  2. Shuman has highjacked moms for marijuana, lied about smoking marijuana damaging lung tissue to sell her cheap ass vape pens that outgas toxic fumes making them actually harmful to your lungs. She exploited a family with a child cancer patient for everything she could get & then accused the child's parents of being tweekers so few would listen to their story. This woman is nothing but a base opportunist.

  3. Guys cannabis is one hell of an interesting drug. it has many medicinal effects, but making exaggerated claims like it is a miracle cure for cancer just simply is not true. it can definitely make life easier and can deal with some of the nasty effects from chemotherapy, but it won't magically cure the cancer. 

  4. Holy crap! How is the average family supposed to afford a half gram of cannabis oil 2xday at $60/gram for cancer treatment? Looks like Big Pharma is simply being replaced with Big MMJ – and Shuman is part of the problem. There is no legitimate reason for price gouging and I hope people start speaking out.

  5. How could 8 people down vote someone healing themselves with a natural cure?
    A lot of people are going to have A LOT of explaining to do wen the truth about this magical plant becomes common knowledge in a few years.
    Good on ya Cheryl

  6. pharmaceutical company's must be going in to shock, well, they can take their own medicine… With all the evidence I do not know why the Doctors in hospitals would not try harder to find all the facts. We have heard of Charlotte and her web – the Stanley brothers that reversed engineered the THC out and more CBD  in and cured little Charlotte – (opps misting up here) and the hospital was going to use chemo wwwwooooo on a little baby – that is increasingly cruel and seditious.  Are you Doctors or commissioned salesmen for the big farma corps… Disgraceful – deceitful – malicious – greedy people have too much say — lets vote now before anymore people are forced to die these horrible deaths, as a result of uneducated political leaders with vested interests…

  7. Simply grown medical cannabis won't cure your cancer. The oil has such a potency of CBD that it eliminates the cancer tissue, so unless you have a field of plants and you know how to make oil in laboratory circumstances, you pretty much can only alleviate the symptoms.

  8. According to this video Cheryl Shuman was dying of some form of cancer and with the help of cannabis she was eventually cured. Cheryl is now involved in a $1.7 billion industry (repeated various times in the film) selling cannabis related products??? Not even facing death makes a person humble. This is the insatiable appetite of American capitalist mentality. People, just grow your own medical cannabis. It's a free gift from nature!!!

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