1. Good Lord I reeeeeally hope this elite butt kisser does not replace Jeff Sessions 😥
    The people have spoken. We want it and we're tired of having politicians cramming pills down our throat so they can make a buck

  2. Many people want an un-processed, non-artificial holistic alternative to petroleum-based pharmaceuticals. Politics has no place in people's choice of medicine. Some people don't want to be put through surgery when an oral or topical application of the herb can and has stopped or reversed the cancer they are living with. Not everyone can afford cancer-causing radiation therapy to remove their cancer or can afford high cost pain medication that is already difficult to get because the dea came down on that too. It's really sad that we the people of America are being forced away from evolution and are being told to take carcinogenic alternatives insted of useing holistic medicine. Nearly every synthesized pharmaceutical on the market was derived and expanded from natural sources.

  3. Ron Paul IS a doctor, and he was the only candidate that agreed with Clayton Holton (the muscular dystrophy patient who asked this question to 7 candidates) that marijuana is very beneficial.

    Who's going to know more about this, the doctors or the fucktard politicians?

  4. Prescription pain killers are abusive chemical garbage that are putting more and more people in their graves every day. Fuck this tool who appeals to the perfect lobbied knowledge of the federal government to figure out where he stands on an issue as critical as this. Grow flowers, own plants, Fuck the feds. The purpose of government is to defend individual liberty, not to nanny us away from our own state laws.

  5. @OnionsMakeYouCry9

    I hear that theory a lot but I'm not sure it's true. Medical marijuana would make an excellent adjuvant for certain types of illnesses, but it couldn't replace most of what's out there already. It's not a miracle substance. If anything, pharmaceutical companies stand to profit from synthesized Dronabinol (similar to THC) and other Cannabis plant derivatives. I think it has more to do with politicians avoiding the "soft on drugs!!!" label, than it does to do with big pharma.

  6. Wanna know why these Republicans are always anti-marijuana? Many are sponsored by Big Pharmaceutical and they know that medical pot would eliminate several prescription drugs, hurting their profits. Fucking rats, all of them. (Politicians in general, not solely Republicans)

  7. I agree 100%. The government knows it isn't very harmful and is safer than alcohol. They don't care about the welfare of the people, but they're all about the money. And the same is true for the other groups/industries you listed.

  8. They wouldn't necessarily lose money. They could actually make more money by regulating it. Although I personally feel that private organizations, not in league with the companies that make the products, should regulate the products.

  9. At least he admitted that he didn't have knowledge on the subject. I think that's the best stance to have when you don't know about a a subject.

    Of course the BEST thing to do is actually learn on the subject and then have a stance based on the facts you've learned.

  10. I agree with n240sxfnatic that the FDA rules everything. I read something once that stated "Does congress run the FDA or does the FDA run congress?" Something to think about. Someone one time also said that the FDA is equivalent to the fox guarding the henhouse. So very true.

  11. man…. are yall people that stupid to not see the picture?THE FDA feeds yall that bull that there are other alternatives that are better then WEED? RIGHt…. rofl wake up you fools.ITS ANOTHER BIG COMPANY THAT WANTS THE SUCK THE MONEY OUT OF YOUR POCKETS PLAIN AND SIMPLE.This hurts there monopoly and about 85%
    of americans are in jail for marijuana use…IF YOU LEGALIZE THAT SHIT… THE WAR ON DRUGS IS A FAILURE GO FIGURE…Stop making excuses.The FDA is a criminal organization to make cash.

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