Marijuana Two-Minute Truths: The Truth About Marijuana Rehab (MPP-TV)

Join Nydia as she answers your questions about marijuana. Do you have questions about marijuana? E-mail them to with the subject …


  1. "This is No.1 Asshole speaking.Starting tomorrow it will be Illegal to wear the colour black.Anyone so doing will be detained,offered the choice of jail or rehab. for their defiant attitude.Obey."

  2. I can't wait till we see how happy the people in Colorado and Washington are when, not only will the taxes for pot sales be greater therefore making budgets better, but crime will go down, because now people won't have to buy from some fuckin crackhead in a dark ally, where, at times, I'm sure you didn't get what you were paying for. Yes, it'll be very interesting!

  3. OMG he is talking about physical addiction. Yes it is possible to be psychologically addicted. Some people to have a drug abuse disorder that's not to say that most or everyone does. A majority of people can smoke weed and not have a problem just like a majority can drink alcohol and not have a problem, however some do.

  4. is she trying to say marijuana is NOT addictive? this is SUCH a stupid video for someone who is actually trying to stop smoking weed. FUCKIN DUMB BITCH yeah you are an alcy if you drink 3 beers a month bitch FUCK

  5. I was addicted to weed for years. I sold everything in my moms house, I lied, I cheated and i stole to fund my addiction. I got kicked out of the house and it got to a stage where no one in my family would so much as talk to me. More years passed and I found myself on the streets at the age of 16 sucking dick just for my next bag of weed. I got scars all over my body, turned pale and spent the next while going in and out of prison… Nah just I'm just playin'. Smoke weed everyday y'all!!!

  6. Count me as another forced victim of prohibition. I have gone for a week and a half without weed yet I am considered addicted. Try getting a cigarette smoker to go a week and a half without smoking a cigarette and see who the REAL addict is…

  7. @Drangsland Yes it doesn't have any addictive chemistry, but that doesn't mean it's not addictive. Marijuana can be mentally addictive like any other thing that pleases us. To say that it is impossible to get addicted to marijuana is not true because us as humans can become addicted to anything that gives us pleasure. If you were to sit somebody that's been smoking pot for 10 years next to somebody thats been smoking cocaine for 10 years what would be the difference?

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