Marijuana Product Review: Yocan 94F Dry Herb Vaporizer Vape Pen

Learn all about the pros and cons of the Yocan 94F Dry Herb Vaporizer with this quick and insightful product review from Chad at RuffHouse. WEBSITE: …


  1. I love the background music! Is it+ royalty free or can I download it from iTunes? What is the song called and/or the artist? Is that what you kids call dub step? 

  2. The only problem is it clogs up easily; it has tiny holes on the end of the mouth piece that just get clogged all the time. I am cleaning it twice a week or even more depending how much you use it. It always looks great brand new and works great but after a week or so you will learn more that these guys just do not tell you. Show me how well it works after a week or two of use without cleaning it. There are better on the market for a little more money.

  3. ok ii just picked won up of Australian eBay for $65.00 Australian it come with the battery and a vapor atomizer as well use your heads ppl put a bit of fly wire or a glass button against the coil then it doesn't burn it vaporizes i guess the guy doing this video is left brained and cant see outside the box lol.

  4. Can someone point me to a website i can buy a vape pen online that works good and is an ok price. Ps a trusted website not just any random site pls help thnx

  5. these things are a neat idea, but the tech isnt there yet…batt power needs to be im proved to get more power out of it. non of these things actually "vaporize" anything..there is simply not enough indirect heat in a dry herb portable unit…the herb needs to be surrounded by heating elements, not just at the bottom so it lights it like a big aluminum cigar…once lit you have to keep smoking it or it will put itself out, then you have to open it and stir it up a bit to get the rest..the tech isnt there yet.

  6. Maybe a bit off topic but maybe useful for someone.

    I have an airizer extreme and from personal experience I can give the following advice on vaporizers. Grinding your herb is a good thing, it maximizes the surface area so you can extract the elements faster/easier (even heating). DO NOT pack it down; leaving it light and fluffy allows airflow in and around as many particals as possible (maximum extraction). Give it a stir mid session to collect the oil that has condensated on the sides and screen for that final kick (you'll be glad). DO collect the oil build-up after a while using an alcohol bath (I can recommend moonshine) and distill for return of alcohol and pure oil. You get what you use, so if you use good tasting, smelling herb that's the quality of oil you'll get.

    Anyway long winded, apologies. The point is that these same practices should be just as useful for pen vaporizer as well as any method really if you wanted as it's just a matter of temperature and air flow.

    Another bonus I've found is the efficiency in relation to the elements you get out and consumption.

    Has anyone else found this to be true?

    One key is to know what your working with and it's great that RuffHouse Studios among others give great honest opinions and reviews on interesting products etc one individuals con can be another's pro and same in reverse.

  7. They shouldn't call it a dry herb vaporizer when my bud is anything but dry hahah! The only dry herb vape i have used is the pax and i loved it, grass just tastes so much better from a vape you get that natural real candy taste. I recommend totally recommend the pax vape.

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