Marijuana Legalization State by State

President Obama talked marijuana legalization on a state level in a recent interview with YouTube star Hank Green. Currently, there are seven states in …


  1. Is there a "date published" filter I can update in our settings?..if not, there needs to be.

    seeing 4-6 year old videos in my recommendations is annoying sometimes..mainly with informative/ news related topics though..

    6 year old frivolous humour vids are fine

  2. 1st of all I don’t agree with the terminology POT HEAD ! Understand Lady if you are here to bring a report and are in anyway supporting this issue! Be courteous! Didn’t your parents teach you that.? If you want to help in any shape or form you have to clean up the language and stop using that term ! Cuz what you are doing is continuing the same stigma! That is word made up to make fun of the canabis user! Please respect for others and check your professionalism when opening your pie hole! And keep this in mind ! Aswell the reason and the only one ‘ that you have so many views on this video is because ! Individual that use marijuana have a concern ! And seriously you consider that and thank them! Instead of Hash Tagging everyone else! I will not tell you? What I seriously and honesty think of you!! Cuz I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions but that doesn’t give me the right to insult anyone and start slinging mud! Please do everyone a favor including your self and check your attitude at the door !!

  3. Not a pot..head..a herb lover!!!! I dumb..ass…people.
    .it don't take much when it's good kind,,,it help all kinds of sickness !!! Oh.U…like it too I'm sure!!!!! I just a faker!!!!

  4. I am very surprised cannabis hemp oil is legal I wish if was legal this stuff would be a blessing of healness go a lot of people and save alot of lives pl,z just pray God put this plant and alot others to heal alot of people

  5. Texas is gona be the last to legalize it they r making to much money throwing people in prison and or jail they have to be assholes about it if I had the money I would join folks in Colorado

  6. What about the heartland Missouri come on people let's get it legal it is so much better how can they legalize alcohol which kills so many people but not legalized marijuana with saves and helps so many lives

  7. Bitch!!!! Fucking pronounce Navada right!!! every body in Navada hates when you can't pronounce it right. Learn it before saying it! That goes or the rest of America !!!!

  8. I know people who have driven thousands of miles under the influence of marijuana and never been at fault in an auto accident. However, they drink one beer and they become a danger to self and / or others behind the wheel. Their coordination becomes a mess in addition to their overall the problem, not Tytrahydrocannabinol i.e. THC . The lawyers / politicians benefit from it being illegal. When you get busted with it who benefits? You said it. The lawyers who by the way predominantly are the judges and politicians in this country. You best believe that most of them use it recreationally on a regular basis. People wake up!! They get rich by robbing the poor and working class people. Why is it that you can purchase the drug paraphernalia legally, but if you are caught with it you are prosecuted? They are a bunch of corrupt criminalized collaborating crooks !!! As malcom stated years ago : " we've been had; we've been taken; we've been led ashtray; we've been bamboozled; we've been hoodwinked ; we've been run amok by a corrupt and evil system". Legalize marijuana. Period.

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