Marijuana Legalization Leading in EVERY STATE Where It's on the Ballot

Marijuana legalization is on the ballot in five states and the “yes” campaigns are winning in each contest …


  1. LEGALIZE EVERY WERE…!! or America will break out into riets untell we get what we want. or we all move to Canada. VOTE FOR WEED IF YOUR A TRUE SMOKER !!! SHOW LOVE FOR THE BUD MY BROTHERS

  2. Well guess that's all we need is a country walking in a Haze. Some people are doing everything to save there minds and some are paying to lose there minds? All my friends that smoked pot where mean to there parents and it's so frustrating talking to them, they forgot so many things in the past. But I honestly think pot isn't as bad as alcohol. Best to you all just sad to see good minds go to waste. Love

  3. the dumbasses not supporting legalization of marijuana are doing two things wrong first thing is they'd rather have their children purchasing marijuana off the street where it's not regulated and they could be buying poison instead of just marijuana. If you like your children buying s*** to put in their body continue on with your b*****. The second thing is these people must be really wealthy. Or they just are so stupid they don't understand the fact that the taxes raised from marijuana alone would be able to provide us with an out for paying our taxes the way we do now. The rate would go 👇 . people that don't smoke marijuana would benefit the most they would not then be paying the tax and saving on the taxes they pay now. so if you like your kid's buying marijuana from some dumb-ass on the street continue on with your b*****. If not Legalize It regulate it and make it safer.

  4. Anybody that doesn't support Marijuana Legalization dose not have Cancer when they do
    get Cancer and everyone dose at some point in their life they will run to the cure Marijuana Oil ..Amen

  5. thank you for pronouncing Nevada correctly 🙂
    my only hope is that recreational use being legalized doesn't effect access to quality meds for patients that have successfully found something to truly help them with their ailment.

  6. They have told so many lies about this beautiful seed this plant is God's medicine I vote every time yes I'm from Arizona I'm in my fifties I've seen what the government can do to us you don't have to smoke it to vote Yes for this medicine but hey I'll tell you I smoke for the last 18 years I don't need the doctors pills and that's what they're afraid of taking away from the pharmacist and the doctors just wake up and vote Yes God bless🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. the commentator mention no constitutional right to smoke/consume cannabis, yet I must object, this idea that the constitution gives the people their rights and by default must come from the government is ludicrous, this form of government, this constitution is not a limit on the people, it is a limit on the sitting government body, devided 3 ways, this idea, this paper instructs the government in what it can and can not do without coming back to the people for authorization, it is made clear in the first 10 admendments ( an admendment is what? a change, lawful, to a set of rules) yes maybe there are parts that use an older vocabulary and in that are in a way difficult to understand, yet I say, if notice is giving to the times in which these words are written a clear understanding can be realized, these words were not meant to confuse, if that was the idea, then it would have been included in the requirements for offices ie; president, congress, the house, no where does it state in qualifications that a applicant must be an attorney, a doctor, a college graduate, in fact there is no education (formal) that is required. to shorten this if there is no time to read the whole document, then I urge people to read the first 10, everything needed to be known about the foundations of the law of this land are in those 10 changes

  8. what are people in places like Kansas supposed to do all we have is the black market people that live in States like Kansas are literally trapped and there's nothing we can do about it

  9. NEVADA+CALIFORNIA LEGALIZING=GAME OVER!!!!!! California sets the trends in the world basically, Hollywood movies for example, with all of the international people in and traveling through CA, it will expose them to the TRUTH…and Nevada with Las Vegas? That will be one more reason for people from around the world and the US to go there! peace.

  10. The pursuit of happiness wake up America the pursuit of happiness is a constitutional right which means recreational use of marijuana to lead to the happiness as a society is a constitutional right vote yes

  11. Legalization of Marijuana also includes edibles-gummy bears, brownies, etc… What these people don't tell you is that Kids can't differentiate chocolates from these edibles and by getting access at home from their parents buying them they end up in the emergency room. It's already legal for Medical purposes, we don't need to have it pouring our homes. We have already enough drugs in the street damaging our youth and by making them legal we are helping them to be even more accessible. And we also have driving under drug effect. No thank you!
    #TruthAboutEdibles PSA-

  12. More significant than marijuana is the topic of hemp as an incredibly useful plant which can be used to make countless products. Industrial hemp would be revolutionary if allowed, and it would help to put the final nail in the coffin of oil. It's time.

  13. There is no constitutional right to smoke cannabis? The constitution limits the rights of the government, not the people. This is why they needed a constitutional amendment to make alcohol illegal. Please read the 9th and 10th amendments to the US constitution. Federally we have a right to do almost anything so long as it doesn't violate the constitution or another's rights.

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