Marijuana Legalization and Ohio Monopolies Panel 10.05.2015

Ian James, Executive Director of ResponsibleOhio, and William M. Denihan, Chief Executive Officer of The ADAMHS Board of Cuyahoga County and a member …


  1. Smoking a joint is five times more dangerous that a cigarette, you are a complete IDIOT! Retire already you lying sack of SHIT!!! Nobody dies from Cannabis EVER, get your shit straight dumbass!!!

  2. Over-regulation is organized crime… plain and simple. Specifically, it's identical to the standard protection racket; "We are now your partners. Pay us 25% or we will put you out of business." We are being governed by Tony Soprano.

    Marijuana is less harmful than tobacco or alcohol, why should we allow it to be more closely regulated? For that matter, bacon is more harmful, cheeseburgers are more harmful, fried foods, in general, are more harmful.

    Maybe it's time we, as a nation of free men and women, get Big Brother off our backs and live as free men and women. I'm a grown man, I don't need government to act like my daddy and tell me what to do or not do. Let our free market economy regulate itself and quit acting like we are too stupid to make correct decisions.

  3. Bill seems like he may have some good intentions however if he is head of the drug treament and mental heath org he should be able to clearly pronounce psychiatric. This displays a sad truth in this matter.

  4. bill the older guy he diverts from the main subject of this and keeps going on and on about how it is a gateway drug I have been smoking marijuana for 4 years now I know that that's not that long but I have not been even tempted to touch other drugs my friends that do do other drugs they've offered me hits of cocaine hits of meth I have not even be been tempted to touch the shit

  5. I am 13 years sober from Heroin. A methadone client for the past 13 years, I actually struggled with that term 'client' versus 'patient'. However as I continue on my recovery as a clean living adult I have also matured in my understanding of addiction as being more of a personal, physiological/ brain chemistry issue than a social issue that must be reigned in so that it can protect children from being exposed to the downside effects of a drug. More important than prohibition of drugs and alcohol is education of mental health chemistry! After 13 years of parallel twice monthly counselling/therapy with a psychologist for these past 13 years on methadone maintenance, I can say with full confidence that without a good solid understanding of how the human brain works on a chemical level, there will always be a risk for drug abuse. Whether the drugs are legal or not! It is with proactive education regarding the biological function of the brain in regard to illegal stigmatized drugs, legally misused and abused pharmaceuticals, and most importantly, education regarding MENTAL HEALTH as it pertains to the prediagnosis of children, adolescents, and adults all the way to treatment and recovery. Mental health and illness are real, STOP THE STIGMAS AND EDUCATE. NEVER JUST SAY NO!

  6. Mr Danohan is extremely brainwashed. "There are 483 more chemicals in "one pot" than a cigarette, are you joking? There are only 483 chemicals in marijuana total versus the over 6,000 in one cigarette. Also there is zero proof smoking marijuana causes cancer, it heals it. Our children do what we do? My father and mother smoked for 20+ years and I have never picked up a cigarette or tobacco product.So no we do not do emulate our parents. Yes on 3 No on 2 people, this is our only chance.

  7. Old man in the middle… (blah, blah, blah)… Please stop spewing lies. You are mumbling and scrambling through your papers of "evidence" so I think you know you're dead wrong…

  8. Bill Danohan, you are a puppet who still believes the world is flat, and you're way of understanding life itself is a mental illness. I would recommend smoking a joint and comming to terms with your ignorance. How do you get a job as an "expert" without having any knowledge in the field you make offensive amounts of money. Only in ohio! I cant wait to wave goodbye to the cavemen of yesterday who have controlled or government with insecuritys and facetious lies!

  9. I read the amendment and it does have verbage that indicates a strong potential that there will be more than just ten growers after the initial transition period to legalization. No one is going to support the ten grow facilities for very long anyways. Adults are going to be able grow up to 4 plants per adult for personal use anyways. Do you guys know how much marijuana you can get out of four plants of cannabis. It varies based upon strain and growing methods. But lets just say you can get plenty of bud from four plants if you know what your doing. Legalize marijuana and grow your own if you don't want to support the ten grow facility bullshit.

  10. Bill is worried that marijuana legalization will cut into the profits that he and his constituents make from court ordered treatment for minor marijuana offenses. He supports big pharma not free and legal access to all natural alternatives. He wants to continue these nanny state ideals where the tax payer flips the bill to jail non- violent drug offenders.

  11. One of the companies that will be growing under if issue 2 is not passed and will have exclusive rights is out of texas…a company named DMP Investments. DMP is a beard company of Monsanto.

  12. We can do this Ohio yes on 3 no on 2, we need To not fall into the government running our lives in this state, the only reason issue 2 is there is because the state wants control. GET OUT AND VOTE YES on 3 and NO on 2

  13. Issue 3 passing will give adults of ohio the substitute / Alternative to what ARE harder ,horrible, fatal, life and family destroying drugs and medications … VOTE YES ON 3.
    NO ON 2!!. CMON ppl we all know what the bars look like at 3 in the morning, let's all start getting rid of those scenes and relationship / family destructions ….!!!!

  14. Ian spoke about all the real consequences, old man spoke about prison and avoided mentioning reality. That says it all to me. Prohibitionists are determined to ruin lives of marijuana users. Old man also spoke about "treatment" instead of jail. Treatment for something you are thankful for? The old man is shockingly out of touch with reality.

  15. Cannabis stimulates relaxation and humor. Two very healthy aspects of being healthy. Creates a healthier sober state (in responsible people). Thank God for cannabis, an obvious blessing.

  16. This old guy should have retired 20 years ago. Hospitalized for weed for what paranoia? It will never kill you by its self unlike booze cigarettes and even water if you drink to much. Let alone the opiates big pharma and our doctors force down our throats that is killing our country. No on 2 yes on 3! Let's get this done Ohio!!

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