Marijuana Documentary – Best Cannabis Documentary

Marijuana Documentary – Best Cannabis Documentary Watch this amazing cannabis documentary. Weed is widely regarded as harmful, therefore it is illegal in …


  1. Terrible. It’s literally just a bunch of shots on loop of blurred face people loading and lighting bongs. ZERO quality. Like – ya- I know what it looks like to load a bowl. You guys should’ve just titled it 100 different shots of loading a Bong. The narrative is what sounds like three or four people stoned as fuck talking about nonsense. I could’ve made a better documentary with a bunch of kindergartners that knew nothing about weed. What a waste of time and lighter fluid it. I wish I had more thumbs so I can give more than two thumbs down. Fuck it five 👎 thumbs down.

  2. it helped th child to chill a technology it don't need HTC wow. 5 years old shouldnt be smokeing? CBD the it helps any age. I think it helps. kids at 5 years old has had cancer. think about that some kids might really need it an they do. smoke an benefits without thc

  3. this is the most ignorant and disinformative documentary of cannabis I have ever seen. What about maybe talking about how this plant has a direct relationship with the endogenous endocannabinoid system of the human. This plant is a teacher plant, a sacred entheogen that has been prostituted by the ingnorant Gringo culture…What a shame just not to even show the religious and spiritual context behing meditation or Yoga for example.

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