Make Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil

Edibles are often considered a safe, discreet, and effective means of attaining the therapeutic effects of cannabis without exposure to the potentially harmful risks …


  1. Can someone check my math for me, because this doesn't seem right to me.
    I've got 2 grams of bud that's 18% THC and I want to make oil into 10 mg capsules.
    2 grams of bud = 2000 mg at 18% is 360 mg of THC
    That means 36 10 mg capsules. 1 teaspoon of oil will fill about 7 size 0 caps. So 5 teaspoons for 35 caps (35 just for the round number).
    Does that mean my 2 grams of bud infused into 5 teaspoons of oil and then split into the 35ish caps will make get me 10 mg caps? It just doesn't seem right to me that I can make 35 "average doses" with like $25 worth of ingredients. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. Hi
    I’ve done this a few times in the past and it’s always worked. I’ve recently done this and there was no effects for my edibles, do you decarb before you put it into the oil? I never done it In the past but it worked. Do you think it could be temp or time ?

  3. Hi there can you make gummies with this cannabis oil and with lecithin or is lecithin be used for making cakes and things am olso trying to make chewits as well and not getting far if you can help me would be grateful thanks

  4. Hello, thank you for video, it’s my beginning of learning how to use without smoking for migraines, would the end product be ok just to use by itself or it has to be cooked or baked another time? Can I just hold 1/4 tsp of infused oil in my mouth and swallow?
    Will greatly appreciate reply, thank you

  5. She uses her bare hands to deal with infusion? This video is so misleading on many levels. So much chlorophyl left to make you sick. When using cannabis infused oil you need to remove chlorophyll. Why don't you use gloves as the cannabis will leach into your skin. Tell the public this!!! This video will make so many humans sick. good luck if you're using this method. lock this bitch up

  6. WOW! I didn't expect to get a chubby while looking up how to make canna oil. Anyway great vid, I really needed an alternative to a double boiler b/c the steam was too much for me. Thanks 😉

  7. making the amount you did here, I didn't hear how much Cannabis you added to this batch…. what was your ration of Cannabis to Coconut Oil? Say like 20grams Cannabis to 6oz of Coconut Oil?

  8. My goodness you look like the young version of Christiana Applegate. That's a compliment lol I decarb first but I've seen it done this way and with boiling water, cannabis and coconut oil on the stove top. I guess as long as you bring the temp up enough for long enough ( without burning it) to release the thc the result is the same. Thanks :o)

  9. Thanks for all your help. Another question before I dive in……For a test run, .I intend to use 6 grams to a quarter cup of oil which should give me 60 servings of gummies with 10 percent THC each. Does this should about right?

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