1. I watched his book presentation at a college and he sounded kinda ignorant and he also just goes off for example "weed makes u high and when u get high on cannabis u also wanna get high on other things so it's a gateway drug" like what where's ur evidence or facts I'm sorry but I dont feel like main lining heroin after I smoke a blunt

  2. The problem with marijuana awareness, was the war on drugs, and how it neglected beneficial research of positive medicinal properties over the last half decade… I understand both arguements, but because of how it was portrayed as a negative intoxicant, that's why so many people are on the wall about it. We just need more funding, time and research on how we can make it 1000% more beneficial for the right people. I personally use marijuana as a pain killer/ anti inflammatory because of the side affects that's caused me from using prescribed anti inflames in the past, that now give me stomach ulcers and intestine pains.

  3. I hate that guy, he brings stuff up like "cannabis is a gateway drug" so at that point he knowingly is lying.

    ""Alcohol was the most widely used substance among respondents, initiated earliest, and also the first substance most commonly used in the progression of substance use," the researchers concluded."


    I also think that Joe was not a good host, he pretended to be biased pro cannabis then very long time defended him and let him use as source for his shit.

    I get that you want to be civil but you should not be mostly on his side because that gives him a double advantage it's like ok both were against me but then I could convince one that it's mostly bad.

    But back to his bullshit arguments:

    He said he just wanted to push back because everybody was pushing in the pro Cannabis, well why did people have to push so hard, because there was a murderous prohibition program and is to this day which costs probably into the millions of peoples live so far because they had to use other substances from Alkohol to opiates etc. Not to forget the millions of people going to prison for it.

    There is evidence that alcohol abuse via a kindling mechanism can occasionally cause the development of a chronic substance induced psychotic disorder, i.e. schizophrenia.

    So if a substance that can cause schizophrenia should be banned let's ban alcohol, and here in Germany alcohol is legal with 16 years.

    Despite increases in cannabis consumption in the 1960s and 1970s in western society, rates of psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia remained relatively stable over time.

    So he criticizes the doctor for not having always the best studies but there are no studies that make really clear which causes what Cannabis consume <-> Shizophrenia, so do people with a beginning Schizophrenia try to use cannabis to self-medicate them self or the other way around.

    So he always says when the data is not clear we always have to assume that it helps for nothing and all guessed negative effects are maximal.

    Then he even has the audacity to mention the gateway drug thing, there is probably 1mio studies out that disprove this thesis but then he talks about one week study or something.

    Let's be honest he wants to sell books, how do you do that, you be as controversial as possible. It's surprising that he did not suggest that weed will cause World War 3.

    Also he says that we should not use clinical experience and anecdotal evidence till the point when Joe gives some that supports his side, and he then also mentioned anecdotal bullshit.

    And he says bullshit like people would then get a gun and shoot people. First of all that problem is US only if it at all exists, and it's only over 2 corners maybe connected so no normal person smokes weed and then this makes him use a gun and shoot people, that's like this old crazy movies from this corrupt bastard, we all know, where people rape and jump out of windows, because the alcohol prohibition failed and there was a business opportunity to forbid it.

    So if you smoke and your brain is pre-schizophrenic already (you have the schizophrenic genes to put it simple) maybe a few year later you get schizophrenia maybe and then maybe in very very few cases that ends in this person takes a gun and shoot somebody.

    But that is so disconnected, if there would be a strong causation effect it would gone up in the 60s and 70s, which it is not, so are there maybe 5 unlucky bastards that have fucked up genetics and cannabis pushes them over to become crazy probably yes, but the same is true for alcohol and it kills thousands on top of that.

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