1. Hi I am working on a project which proves the adverse effects of Marijuana. Can you plese give me the youtube analytics data so I can actually create visualizations?
    The data format that I require is excel or csv format. Please feel free to contact me if you decide to help me. Thank you!

  2. The constituents in cannabis kill cancer cells… thats science. this is not a debate this is Fact. doesn't mean its for everyone but the studies ALL CONFIRM this.

  3. One would think that this "burning plant material" would cause problems to someones lungs but fortunately that is not the case. Many study's have shown that cannabis has not linked to any form of lung cancer and has not caused one death in the history of time, if you wish to use this plant then just respect it and don't get too carried away with it, but im sure if anyone was to use it every signal day then their lung problems would be no different than a person that didn't smoke at all.

  4. I find it takes you away from the stresses of this matrix we are living in, and opens up your mind. I can see deeper now, past all the deception. Marijuana is great, but for me I'd say a couple of times a week is best because any smoke is bad for your lungs

  5. …from other sources. I was asked a question and answered it in this Q&A. That's perfectly fine to disagree but if you want to debate with me you're going to have to stick to the facts and not let whatever emotional investment you have in your stance on this matter get in the way of sticking to logical and reasonable based arguments.

  6. Nothing got under my skin and your point wasn't good, lol. Making personal attacks and labelling me as a "know it all" is a rude dismissive tactic that doesn't help your stance. You stated "I understand that your saying it isnt for you" after I had wrote several comments where my personal experience of it wasn't even brought up, so it doesn't fit in with the discussion we were currently having. I'm well aware of the commonly known beneficial effects of MJ but those can easily be obtained…

  7. Where did I say it wasn't for me in my last post? It's not for me, yeah but I've still clearly outlined its detrimental effects. I don't WORRY about phytoestrogens, lol, it's a matter of choosing not to take the min because of their known detriments when in such high quantities. Don't try to lecture me on phytoestrogens either. I have several videos on the subject if you want to learn about them. The foods you listed are incredibly low in these. Every single type of plant food contains them.

  8. I know tons of people, including myself who have had long term negative side effects with depression, lack of motivation and other low dopamine symptoms from marijuana use. Does this happen to everyone? No, but that's not the point.

  9. Ok, so how come other people react different? I'm so closed when i smoke and afraid what people think of me. but when i'm sober, i'm just me, enjoying life, talking to girls, having fun. almost 0% anxiety. on cannabis? just the opposite. but i love the taste. LOVE IT. and the same time HATE IT.

  10. "that would i think totally contradict some things you mention."

    ^ …and that confirms it.

    You can look at many compounds in isolation and find health benefits from them. You can look at specific health issues and find certain foods benefit it (coffee can be connected to reduced risk of alzheimer's), but very few studies track overall health and the pros AND cons of any one thing.

  11. 95% of the times i smoked in my life, included when it was in Amsterdam – I became paranoid, tired and depressed. I always tried to convince myself to enjoy from this habit, that it's better than alcohol for parties, or maybe chill with the friends. Nothing. My friends and the people i know very enjoy this, but it's just not for me. Every time i smoked it was: 'shit. what will i do with my life?' 'i have so many things to do.' 'everybody is looking at me '.'i can't believe i said that' etc

  12. @renerdrat It's a very illegal drug and MDMA is almost always cut with extremely harmful substances. MDMA itself could have a therapeutic use in intervention with extreme cases of depression and suicidal behaviour, but it is a foolish substance to use without medical supervision as excessive use/improper dosage can permanently alter your body's own dopamine output.

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