HOW to make THC vape juice

JOIN REDDIT r/Youtubeweed to post you’re weed vlog videos HOW to make THC vape juice with alcohol tincture. This method allows the tincture to evaporate …


  1. Hey, hope you won't mind adding a little bit extra to this, super awesome video btw> liked and subscribed. But if anyone wants to know, 70/30 vg pg mix works great, thc stick to the oily part, which is the vg. You can also however mix 50/50 pg vg if you want to add a flavour to it, capellas, or whichever. in that case, id say your best bet would be a fruity flavor, like an apple or berry flavor. Then you'd add about 15 percent of flavour, also would work on a 60/40 and 70/30 but remember the flavour sticks to the pg, the pot sticks to the vg. So use ejuice calculators if you need too. Anyway, peace

  2. Lecithin is not a recomended additive for vaping. Can't find the source for that tidbit though…
    Great channel btw.
    I'll be doing something like this…I've reduced an isopropyl alcohol to rosin and have 3g.
    Whats the g to juice ratio?

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