How to Make POTENT Cannabutter – The Easy Way!

STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS & RECIPE BELOW!! ~ Make POTENT homemade edibles with this easy to follow cannabutter recipe! Excellent for individuals …


  1. Doing this recipe today but using a slow cooker instead if you’re not so patient. I make little crackers, like a small ritz. My ritz blitz it’s a hit around my community. I store the unsalted butter in the freezer in 2 tbsp chunks because that’s what the recipe calls for so I can take it out anytime when I need a new batch.

  2. i got some WEAK bud for free so i thought maybe itd be stronger if i bake it in some brownies? i'll let u know if this works or not lmao
    edit: yea it worked

  3. I've always wanted to try and make cannabutter. Followed this recipe, and even tho i used shit weed (since it was my first, didnt wanna waste good shit if it were to fail), it was a huge success. Used it for brownies and my friends got high as dicc. Thank u 🙏

    Aint got no oven since i'm asian so my mom uses that shit to store pots and pans.
    So i decarbed the weed by putting it in a well-sealed mason jar (which also helped seal off the smell), place it in a pot of water, turned on the stove, brought it to a boil, turned heat down to low and let that bih simmer for around 90 mins. (start with room temp water cuz if u put the jar in boiling hot water it may crack)

  4. Totally works. Me and my girl friend used all 2 sticks to make cookies. After 3 cookies we were both so high we slept for 15 hours straight, after she threw up all in my car. The question, what is a good ratio of real butter to canna butter to use so you don’t over do it?

  5. For the simmering step could i put the butter and weed into a bowl/dish and place that into the hot water? i feel like you could be losing alot from stuff dissolving into the water

  6. Me to my friend: I'll take the filters from over my fan on top of my stove, it's already powerful but without it, even more so.

    Also me: turns off fan to remove filters, steps out with friend to smoke, comes back in 15 minutes later to a house smelling like weed all over the place… left fan off…

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