1. Damn my mail is already twice that size I'm going to have my work cut out in a week and a half. I'll probably have to do it in sections over a 25-inch saucer. Thanks for the tips

  2. Is it true that when u pull the pollen out of the freezer then u have to use it? U can’t put it back in the freezer?? This is what I was told. Just asking for your opinion

  3. That's a lot of silica gel for one package of pollen 3 would be more than enough,otherwise
    that is a good idea, I use to just label a baggie of the stuff and put it in the freezer, I used silica for My seeds. Thanks for the info.

  4. Hey please read this ,
    Well I'm growing a couple plants and well one of them was growing normal then the next morning it had just fallen over ( the stem had bent ) do u know the reason for this so that I can prevent this from happening again ( it was a seedling )

  5. that dudes a cop I swear it up and down, all his actions say cop all over, only cops act like that !

    he don't have not one video not one photo nothing but I bet you he's got a badge!!

    fuck him, he can keep lickin nuts for all I care, he's nobody hommie!

    ill be n touch thanks for the heads up too!


  6. lol i hear you! the more i learn, the less i speak. Im getting to my first breeding run and if anyone asks me what strains i used…i would probably avoid the question too! lol thanks for all the videos HG, my FINAL question…what percent were the silica packets u used for stoarage?? i know they range in absorbtion?

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